USB Filter

SoundTech MC5 – USB Filter (New Arrival)

MC5 USB purifier is mainly used on PCHIFI USB audio device connected to the original USB data line , the data signal and power purification filter can effectively filter noise, electromagnetic interference , so that power and data signals more pure , background music becomes quiet and delicate, analytical and detail and the overall sound field positioning , has a very positive effect . MC5 supports USB2.0 / 3.0 interface, USB power through 1.5A current -side support , support 32Bit / 384K or higher bit rate audio formats .

Selling at $79

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Musical Paradise MP-U1 – USB Isolation

PCHIFI is quite popular today. Audiophiles always want to achieve the best USB transceiving signal quality in order to improve DAC sound quality. They change different kinds of high quality USB cables, but usually don’t pay attention to the dirty computer USB 5V power. Computer power supply use high efficient, but noisy switching power supply. It has lots of interference affecting USB DACs sound performance. You may think the mobile power packs for cell phones can help, but they are still not clean because they use switching DC to DC chip to up-convert 3.7V to 5V.
In order solve this issue, we developed MP-U1. It employs the best Panasonic 3400mAH Li-on batteries and high current low drop out (LDO) linear regulators. It puts out 100% pure 5V DC power, isolates the dirty USB 5V from computers, eliminates noise, so USB DACs can sound noticeably better.
It can be used to power other 5V devices, but make sure the device consumes less than 2.1A current.

Sizes: W115mm x H60mm x L130mm

Selling at: $150

Popularity – 🙂

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