Universal Travel Adapters

Premium Universal Travel Adapter with Fast Charge 4 USB ports

– Ultra compact, light weight and portable. Able to use in more than 150 countries worldwide. A perfect companion to bring along for your oversea trip. A perfect gift as well for the up coming festival season.
– Its 4 USB ports (Max 3.4A) or 3USB + 1 Type C Port (Max 4.5A)allow you to charge your devices.
– New Design: New external appearance design with Smart IC function.Smart IC means USB port can identify current of your device,then provide the relevant current when charge,which is faster to power up.

WARNINGS: This adapter plug does not convert voltage.The input voltage of the appliance you want to connect must match the local power network voltage. Do not use with electronic devices demanding power over(230V-1380W;110V-660W)

  Black+White         Black+Gold


Note: this design with socket side way so meaning when plug with UK plug, it will not get block. Unlike those old model adapter still have this problem.

Selling at $18 each (4USB ports 3.4A)
(Each come with FREE Velvet pouch)

 Black (3USB +1 Type C ports)

Selling at
a) $20 each
b) $30 each (Bundle with Type C cable)

(Each come with FREE Zipper pouch)


Premium Universal Travel Adapter with Fast Charge Dual USB ports


Only black (Green/Yellow) Available

Selling at $15 each
(Each come with FREE Zipper pouch)


Premium mini universal Travel adapter


Mini in size and extremely useful when use in sockets that is very compact and has difficulty to have 2 adapter or more adapter side by side. Some more it has 2 ports which allow you to connect 2 connection at 1 time.

Input V: 100VAC-250VAC
current rating: 6.3A
Weight 36.2g
Size: 40.5 X 37.5 x 38 (mm)
Material: ABS (flame-Proof 94V)
Package: gift box
Travel adapter/travel plug EU/AU/US/UK
Available color: Black, Blue, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Green
Selling at $8

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