Xiang sheng DA-03A


Xiangsheng DA-03 PCM1794 CS8416 TE7022/XMOS U8 24bit 192Khz DAC W/ Remote Control 5670 tube

This is one of the best DAC with very good chips combination, It based on PCM1794 high performance DAC chip and CS8416 SPDIF receiver and TE7022 USB receiver with 24bit 96Khz sampling rate or XMOS new version U8(8 cores) chip card, it can give a fast USB data transmission speed, and support up to 24bit/192Khz . Support 24bit 192Khz sampling rate via coaxial optical input, USB input support up to 24bit 96Khz sampling rate which is far better than the other 16bit usb receivers.


  • Has up to 4 ways of input include BNC, Coxial, Optical, USB
  • Has two ways of output, Direct output and 5670 tube buffer output, Can match for both of solid state amplifier and tube amp.
  • TPA6120 headphone amplifier inside which is the best headphone amp chip.
  • High performance PCM1794 DAC core chip,The best DAC chip from Burr-Brown,One of the most popular DAC chip.
  • CS8416 digital receiver from CIRRUS with 24bit 192Khz sampling handling ability.
  • Tube buffer stage is based on NOS 5670 tube from GENERAL ELECTRIC, Add tube sound to the sonic, DC supply for filament and plate to eliminate noise.
  • Using many high quality components to meet audiophile’s listenning, DALE resistor from USA and NIKKOHM resistor from JAPAN, WIMA caps from GERMAN, SOLEN coupling caps from FRANCE etc, That make the DAC reproduce neutral & no color added sound,Also great analysis and great atmosphere.
  • Using oscillator to lower jitter of USB input.
  • 115V/230V high quality R-core transformer with less electriomagnetic leakage and higher efficiency.
  • Separate power supply for digital section and analog section.
  • Come with remote control, Input selection/ volume up& down / mute can be done with it, Has memory function, Can load the previous setting when power on.

Dimension of metal case: 260mm ( W) * 167mm (D) * 55mm (H)
Frequence response: 20Hz to 30Khz
SN ratio: Direct outpu– 110DB, Tube buffer — 90DB
Harmonic distortion: Direct output <0.001%, Tube buffer <0.1%
Output level: 2000MV
Dynamic: 120DB
Input impedence: 75Ohm digital
Input voltage: 110V/ 220V
Net weight: 2.5KG


YouTube Video on XiangSheng DA-03A with TP32EX

Feel the warmness when play thru Tube DAC

TP32EX play with Marantz 63SE thru XiangSheng DA-03A Tube DAC (with Toslink),  mission 733i speaker, Bada SF-303 Power filter and Viper speaker cable and WhiteCrown IC


TP60 play with Marantz 63SE thru XiangSheng DA-03A Tube DAC(with coaxial),  mission 733i speaker, Bada SF-303 Power filter and Viper speaker cable and WhiteCrown IC

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