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High Performance Tube DACs at Affordable Price


Musical Paradise MP-D2 MK2 (Latest Arrival New model)


We are excited to announce Musical Paradise MP-D2 MK2 DAC. The first DAC in the world supports user changeable DAC modules. At this moment, it can support AK4490 and AK4497 DAC modules. ES9038Pro DAC modules will be available soon in September 2017. Since MP-D2 MK2 is a future proof modular design DAC, we will continuously develop more new DAC modules in the future. In addition, MP-D2 MK2 has built-in headphone amplifier. It can drive low sensitivity and high impedance headphones quite well, such as AKG K701 and Sennheiser HD650.

Musical Paradise fans around the world were anticipating MP-D2 for a long time. We put in our best effort to pursuit the excellence of MP-D2. The moment you listen to MP-D2, you know you have never experienced anything like it. With native DSD support, it brings you the most high definition listening journey in a powerfully vivid way. Take a deeper look, you will find more innovation.


  • 4 pre-amp tubes + 1 rectifier tube, 4 capacitors with detachable design, allow you to roll the tubes and caps for better sound quality.
  • It also supports DSD (support PCM 44.1kHz-768kHz, DSD 64-256.) natively and fully balanced XLR output to release the potential of your HiFi set up.
  • 2 pieces of modular AK4490 / AK4497 / ES9038Pro (1 pieces for each channel) which is strong at both musical and technical part.
  • Pre-amp RCA output, can connect with power amplifier directly.

Tube Rolling
– Signal tubes – 6.3V series: 6N11 (stock), 6H6, 6H30, E88CC, 6922, 6DJ8.
                               12.6V series: 12AU7, 12BH7, E80CC.
– Rectifier tubes – 6.3V series: 6Z5P (stock), 6X5.
                                   5V series: 5R4, 5AR4, 5U4G, 5Y3, GZ34

Selling at
– $1350 (AK4490)
– $1650 (AK4497)
– $1850 TBA (ES9038pro)

Popularity – 🙂 🙂


Musical Paradise MP-D1 MK2 DAC

24Bit USB Asynchronous Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC). The digital input section uses low jitter TI DIR-9001 receiver to support both S/PDIF and TosLink inputs up to 24bit/96khz. The flagship AKM AK4399 DAC is used in the DAC section. It is the best sounding AKM stereo DAC with 123dB dynamic range. It can also use as a passive pre amplifier


  • High performance XMOS 500 MIPS XS1-L1 processor
  • USB Audio 2.0 industrial standard
  • Asynchronous USB mode with multiple 1PPM TCXOs
  • Class A single ended; No global negative feedback loop
  • Tube analog output (Default GE5670 tube X2 )
  • Built with high grade genuine components.
    (US Military Vishay Dale resistors. Wima MKP 10, RIFA 450, Sanyo OSCON, Rubycon, Philips BC, Panasonic X-Pro and Nichicon capacitors.)
  • 24K gold plated input and output terminals.
  • Transformers are specially made with oxygen free copper wire and Japanese Z11/M6 silicon core.
  • Gold plated PCB.
  • Proven by many audiophiles. Excellent sound quality guaranteed.

See the Review here

Selling at $665

Popularity – 🙂 🙂

AIBBC TA-100 – Tubes Sabre 9018 DAC/Pre-amp/headphone amp/Bluetooth 4.0 (new arrival)

AIBCC TA-100 Tube Sabre DAC Pre-amp

TA-100 is a very complete ES9018S advanced decoder with XMOS (U8) + Headphone Amp + Bluetooth 4.0 (CSR BC8670) + Preamp Output. Having the highest level of decoding with built-in XMOS USB (U8) to support DSD hardware solution, using high end grade ops amp on amplifying circuit, the latest Bluetooth 4.0 CSR BC8670 programs to support lossless transmission APTX (I2S input receiving a digital signal decoding after ESS9018 preamp output) and a unique patented technology on tube hybrid system with full discrete between the core elements and the pre-amplifier circuit output.

TA-100 (Standard version) is using IPF MUSES8820 + IV MUSE8920 ops amp and pairing with Psvane 12AT7

TA-100 (Premium version) is using IPF MUSES8820 + IV MUSE8920 ops amp and pairing with Psvane (贵族之声T系列典藏版) 12AT7-TII gold tubes


  • DAC chip ES9018S, having 32BIT HyperstreamTM DAC patent structure, and the time domain jitter removal, as well as having a 135dB dynamic range and distortion of -120dB, the industry’s highest level of performance for today. TA-100 has fully utilize the function of this chip, to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles.
  • COAXIAL input straight into ES9018S decoding, support for external high quality digital audio.
  • USB digital interface XMOS (U8) with the industry’s highest level of 32BIT / 384KHZ ES9018S DAC decoder IC design, support DSD hardware solution, XMOS U8 decode the benefits of integration and DAC built-in USB digital interface is the shortest distance to get the best transmission sound quality.
  • The machine supports Bluetooth playback, with the highest levels of CSR8670 audio-specific Bluetooth chip, CSR8670 is the industry supports digital output of a high-quality 4.0 Bluetooth chip, the signal straight into ES9018S decoding, and support for APTX lossless transmission, powerful, excellent sound quality.
  • Input Select: CD / AUX / BT / USB / COAXIAL five audio input selections.
  • Output options: Headphone output / can control volume preamp outputs (balanced and unbalanced RCA outputs).
  • Fully discrete power amplifier configuration of high-fidelity headphone amplifier design, strong thrust, rear gain switch, 8-1000Ω impedance completely adapted.

Selling at $499 (standard version),   $599 (premium version )

See the Review Here

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SENSE G1 –  Pre-Amp/DAC/Headphone Amplifier

Sense G1 Tube PreAmp/DAC

A very Versatile mini Tube Pre-Amp/Headphone Amp with up to Coax/Optical/USB DAC function. Using pcm5102 decoder chip and many foreign crew were using this chip. USB input part of the upgrade is asynchronous 192KHz / 32bit receiver chip CM6631A, to facilitate access to other digital devices , increase fiber and coaxial digital inputs, retained line input and output analog signals, so can also be used as a STANDALONE DAC (For Headphone only) or Pre-Amp use.

  • Class A Hybrid, Tube(preamp) + VMOS  (power Field Effect Transistor chip)
  • OPT, COAX, USB, AUX  input
  • AUX as Pre-Amp or DAC
  • USB using CM6631A, DAC using PCM5102
  • USB Support mobile OTG for Android 4.3 and above
  • Tube use – Beijing’s 2P2J 
  • Headphone amp slot 6.35mm and can support  impedance range :32-300 ohm
  • Support up to 196kHz
  • Support 16bit-32bit

Supports tube rolling (changeable with 1S4 /3S4 / DL92 / CV820 / 2P2 / 2N2N). Upgrade Tubes are available here

Selling at  $200 (Note power cord is not included)

Popularity – 🙂 🙂


Xiang Sheng – DAC-01A

  • Using CS4398, CS8416
  • USB, OPT, COA, AUX, DVD/CD input
  • USB –  TE7022 or XMOS U8 (Asynchronous)
  • Tube and Transistor output
  • Tube use – 6N3
  • Headphone-AMP included
  • Support 32kHz-192kHz
  • Support 16bit-24bit
  • Built in Power unit

Selling at (No Stock)

Currently available in Black / Silver

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂


Xiang Sheng – DAC-02A (Upgrade version)

  • Using AD1955 + CS8416+OPA2604
  • USB, OPT, BNC, COA input
  • Tube and Transistor output
  • Tube use – GE5670
  • Headphone-AMP included
  • Support 32kHz-192kHz
  • Support 16bit-24bit
  • Built in Power unit

Selling at  (No Stock)

Currently available in Black / Silver

Popularity – 🙂


Xiang Sheng – DA-03A

  • Using PCM 1794 + CS8416+OPA2604
  • USB, OPT, BNC, COA input
  • Tube and Transistor output
  • USB – TE7022 or XMOS U8 (Asynchronous)
  • Tube use – GE5670
  • Support 32kHz-192kHz
  • Support 16bit-24bit
  • Built in Power unit

Selling at:
a) $300 (with TE7022 USB)
b) $320 (with XMOS U8 USB)
Currently available in Black / Silver

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂


Racoon SG-300


This is a Tube Pre-amp with USB DAC + Headphone Amp. Naiting sweet sound all thanks to the high quality PSVANE tube. Thick solid low-frequency, low-frequency powerful.

  • Using CS4398 DAC,  TI TPA6120A2 (headphone amp)
  • USB, AUX  input
  • Tube pre-output
  • Tube use – Premium GOLD PSVANE 12AT7-T II (贵族之声)
  • 2 headphone amp slot (6.25mm/3.5mm) and can support  impedance range :8-1000 ohm
  • Support 32kHz-96kHz
  • Support 16bit-24bit

Selling at  $195

Currently available in Black / White

(FREE adapter – US to EU Pin plug for Local customer)

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂

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  1. Hi bro..Very reasonable price for xiang sheng 03A dac .Very nice n clear,full body sound from tube my amp..thks so much..

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