TMS T-300MK5 Mini Tube Amplifier

Over the past eight years, produced T-100, T-200, T-300, T-300MKII, T-300MK3 version of each upgrade models. Since year 2006 when the TMS mini amplifier start to sell  in China Online E-commerce website, it continued to maintain popularity across the China from cities and throughout the provinces.

Tasks completed by the end of 2009 the total sales of more than 4,000 units (including the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, France area businesses Order), 2004 domestic regional distributor sales tasks (including Hong Kong and Macao), a total of more than 1,000 direct shop sales;

Towards the beginning of 2010, T-300 chassis run through out the year since it was first born and because of its high construction cost, almost no profit. The last version of T-300MKII went discontinued. However under the increase demand of this type of mini tube amplifier, the supplier has consulted with the manufacturers and decided to re-open the T-300 series sales, taking into account the previous years feedback they received to improve the T-300 amplifier. The popular decoder PCM2704 USB DAC function was built inside the original of the T-300 for computer audio needs (since this amplifier is not very big in size and is also very suitable to use in room with computer) and along follow by T-300MK3 and now T-300MK5 where their circuit was re-design to improve the performance. Premium Silver Front and back Panel, black body and with  Metal Tube Net.

Features at a glance :
TMS mini tube amplifer has nick name call “小甜甜” – Sweet and Elegant looking & High End Quality Built , has received widely praised by enthusiasts ! Rich, Detail Sounding. Musical and natural fine sounding with tone balance and strong three-dimensional sense is its sound characteristic.

It can drive well even with 86dB sensitivity speakers.
Headphone output – can be used as advanced headphone amplifier , very resistant to listen and listen for a long time not tired mainly because sound very analog .

Performance parameters:
Output impedance (speaker : 4 ohm- 8ohm headphones : 32O-600O)
Output power: 6W * 2 – (equivalent to 20w Solid State amplifier). Headphone : 600mW
TI Burr Brown PCM2704 chipset which support 16bit/48kHz
Frequency Response : 10Hz-30KHz (-1dB)
Signal to noise ratio :> 89dB Distortion : <1% (1w) Power supply voltage : 220V, 50-60Hz
Power consumption : 38W
Tube Type : 6J1 x 2  (EF95, 5654, 6AK5, 6J1, 6ZH1P, 403B, CV850, M8100, 6DL5, DP61, PM05) , 6P14 x 2 (EL84/6BQ5)
Weight : 5.5kg
Volume : 238x138x148mm (LxWxH) – Slightly smaller size then TP60 !

Sample Video

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