Miu Audio Model 302 – Tube Vacuum Amplifier

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Model 302 is an vacuum tube amplifier. To provide stereo 6 Watts power output, six pieces of vacuum tubes are used. Suitable to use in room environment or drive high efficient speakers.

– Power Output: 6 Watt x 2
– Vacuum Tubes: 6N3 x 2 (upgrade with GE5670 tube) , 6P1 x 4 (upgrade with Soviet 6n1n-EB long life tube)
– Output Impedence: 8 Ohms
– Frequency Response: 25 – 27kHz -1.5dB
– Physical Dimensions: 200W x 130H x 260D
– Power Consumption: <80 Watt
– Signal / Noise: 89dB
– Shipping Weight: 8.1 Kg

This item was an OEM model for a famous Japanese brand. I strongly recommend Model 302 to any new vacuum tube user and this rate will not be seen again if stock finished.

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