Miu Audio MKTP-2 – Tube Amplifier

Not only this is a tube integrated amplifier, it has headphone amp and also can be use as Pre-amp and Power Amp (adjust jumper setting). The tube preamplifier section of the MKTP-2 contributes to the sweet, silky sound throughout the mid and high frequencies. The mini size design of MKTP-2, make it become one of the world’s smallest and most beautiful tube integrated amplifiers!

Only 65mm x 60mm x 98mm
6 watts+6 watts 8 Ohm RMS
9 watts+9 watts 6 Ohm RMS
11 watts+11 wattS 4 Ohm RMS

Front panel jacks for headphones and iPod/iPhone/MP3 input, rear panel connection for line level input
An ideal match for quality loudspeakers with efficiencies of 86-88 dB or more
Spectacular audio performance!


T-Amp IC Tripath TA2024
Output Power 2x15W @4ohm
2x6W @8ohm(RMS)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 98dB
Ornare Nullam Dolor
Dynamic Range 98dB
IHF IM Distortion 0.10% @ 1W, 4ohm
THD+Noise Audiophile Quality 0.03% @ 9W 4ohm
0.1% @ 11W 4ohm
0,1% @ 9W 6 ohm
0.1% @ 6W 8ohm
High Power 10% @ 15W 4ohm
10% @ 10W 4ohm
Power Efficiency 81% @ 15W 4ohm
90% @ 10W 8ohm
Input Audio IN RCA (Left/Right) x 1
Power Socket (5.5mm/2.1mm) x 1
Speaker OUT RJ45 x1
Other Volume & Knob Power ON/OFF switch x
Power Indicator (Blue LED) x1
Power Supply DC 12V-13.2V (max.)5 A

Specification of the Headphone Amplifier Unit:

Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 92dB
Power Output 3.0 Watts per channel on 33 Ohm
Frequency response 15 Hz – 100 kHz -1db
Input Impedance 10k Ohms
Input Audio CD IN RCA (Left/Right) x 1 [3Vpp max.]

Specification of the Pre Amplifier Unit:

Vacuum Tube 6DJ8/6922 series or 12AU7 series (exchangeable)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) 92dB
THD + Noise 0.05% @ 10k ohm 0.15% @ 33 ohm
Input Audio CD IN RCA (Left/Right) x 1 [3Vpp max.]
Power Socket (5.5mm/2.1mm) x 1
Output Audio OUT 3.5mm x 1
Headphone OUT (3.5mm) x 1
Knob Audio and power switch x 1
Power Indicator (Blue LED under Tube Socket) x1
Volume Knob x 1
Power Supply DC 12V-13V (max.)5A
Dimensions (W)76mm x (H)60mm x (D)100mm
Specification of the AC Adaptor
AC Input Universal AC 100V-240V/50-60Hz
DC Output DC 12V 5A (48W)
DC Plug DC 2.1mm
Ripple & Noise <= 25mV
Over-load Protection 105%-150%
Over-voltage Protection 115%-150%
Dimensions (L)78mm x (W)50mm x (H)33mm


3.5MM jumper cable x 1
2.1MM Power bifurcation line x 1
Tube x1
+12V power supply x 1
Over-load Protection 105%-150%

You Tube Video

2 thoughts on “Miu Audio MKTP-2 – Tube Amplifier

  1. To be honest, the look of this hybrid amp doesn’t look appealing to me at all. My 1st impression: I wouldn’t even want to give it a try at all. I wouldn’t want to waste time on this small little amp. But I was wrong to judge the amp by its look.
    To cut the story short, Ryan insisted that I should give it a shot.
    To my surprise, the sound of my Martin Logan speaker driven by the Miu-tech was vastly different from its sound with my few thousands dollar amp. Republic’s Stop and Stare: The bass was more extended and better controlled. It now had more dynamics in spades, evident as an ability to play much louder without strain, and the soundstage is more clearly presented.
    I am really impressed with this little monster.

    • Thank you bro, hope you enjoy this tube amp. Actually there are alot of undiscovered good sounding amp and dac around. Putting their brand aside, they can be really value for money. Thanks for giving this amp a try. Importantly is now you are enjoying your music.

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