Universal Digital / Analog Audio Converter

A-1298 - Universal AnalogToDigital Converter

This comprehensive audio converter device (CIRRUS LOGIC chip) allows users to make a wide use with audio format and interfaces. With three different types of bidirectional connectors of optical, Coaxial and L/R, this device can convert all three signals into the desire format. Analog audio signal can be converts into digital output and digital audio signal can be converts into analog output. Not only so, it can be perform simultaneously without any signal loss. The audio converter is compact and elegant, it is easy to set up and friendly use.

– Analog audio signal convert into digital output
– Digital audio signal convert into analog output
– Simultaneously digital and analog audio output

Analog To Digital Converter(ADC):
– Digital Output Type: Coaxial & Optical
– Digital Audio Output Format: LPCM
– Input Impedance: 47K ohms
– Minimum Load Impedance: 75 ohms
– Frequency Response: 96KHz sample rate

Digital To Analog Converter(DAC):
– Digital Input Type: Coaxial & Optical
– Support Digital Audio Format: LPCM
– Input Impedance: 75 ohms
– Minimum Load Impedance: 10K ohms
– Frequency Response: 44.1 – 192KHz sample rate

Audio Converter (1)
Power Supply (1)

Plastic Material

Here is how the adapter work.


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