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A TV-DAC fiber / coaxial 192K decoder for LCD TVs or set-top box

In recent years, Shenzhen Double wooden Salim Electronics Co., Ltd. has been committed to various types of hifi audio product design and development, its product line from entry-level to professional, from the desktop to the mini are covered, while the newly developed dual wood Samling The TV-DAC, it is a set of convenient, good sound and simple and easy for one of the mini decoder, whether you’re using an older TV or external set-top box is now widely used, are available through TV-DAC, giving you TV sound system a new look, is a quick and simple tool to enhance the TV sound system. Next, the TV-DAC as the primary function and usage introduction.

Now LCD televisions, set-top boxes, TV box has optical or coaxial output, but no analog output can not be connected to a conventional power amplifier. LCD TV built-in speakers and small, to watch the game or a large user desired effect can not be achieved. TV-DAC is set in one of the mini-fiber coaxial decoder, connected via an optical or coaxial signals to the TV-DAC decode, TV-DAC output analog signal can be an external headphone or amplifier, multimedia speakers achieve powerful sound.

TV-DAC is a compact body, like a matchbox mini decoders, but the small but perfectly formed yet, TV-DAC comprises a fiber / coaxial input interface integrated interface, USB input jack (adapter ), USB plug and 3.5mm analog outputs, and accessories included in the package with coaxial cable and fiber optic converter to 3.5mm to 3.5mm converter cable to suit the needs of different digital inputs. Therefore, you do not need to pay any additional costs for the excess, never irrelevant functions and features.

TV-DAC’s USB plug and socket, respectively corresponding to the two features, TV-DAC’s USB plug is the main power source decoding, as long as the TV-DAC connected to the set-top box or TV’s USB jack, you can successfully take power, Supply of TV-DAC used, and TV-DAC built-in multi-level regulator filter processing circuit and power supply circuit and signal circuits are isolated from independent design, making it even in some USB interface, power supply is not stable, still able to maintain high performance work, and let the signal output will not be disturbed, to ensure the purity, full analog signal output. The TV-DAC’s USB socket, it is the function corresponding to a close, now generally quite old TV, you can read U disk comes with a USB socket, if TV-DAC inserted in the TV USB socket only above take power and take up U disk socket, you can plug in the U disk TV-DAC’s USB socket on the television through the adapter can also be read U disk.n use, TV-DAC is completely plug and play, very easy to install, using a fool connection, does not require any drivers and software manually installed, no external power supply, just plug in the USB to take power and receiving optical / coaxial digital signal input, 3.5mm output terminal can be connected to headphones or any stereo system, allowing users to TV-DAC which reflect the most simple and easy to use, which allows the attention back to the TV sound to enhance the system. The TV-DAC so easy to use design, in line with the double wooden Samling company has been implementing the People hifi route, through TV-DAC this product, reflects the double wooden Samling company let Hifi idea into homes of ordinary people.

TV-DAC packaging is very simple, but overall is very mini, about the size of two cigarette packets, while the packaging of the upper marked trademark SMSL, as an expression of a dual three-wood forest products, which marked the bottom of the packaging Product Name –TV-DAC, its product positioning As its name, as a glance, TV-DAC is a TV system in order to improve the audio quality and tailor-made decoder.

  • Input – mini OPT, COA
  • Output – 3.5 MM headphone jack
  • Support up to 192Khz/24Bit
  • Power by USB Input


  • OUTPUT LEVEL:2.1Vrms
  • THD+N:-89db(-1dbFS)
  • SNR:>105db
  • CROSSTALK:<-100db
  • FREQUENCY RESPONSE:20Hz-20kHz(-0.5db)
  • VOLUME:58*31*10mm
  • WEIGHT:70g

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