Toslink Switches / Splitters And Other Decoders

High Quality Converters / Switches / Splitter at Affordable Price



A TV-DAC for LCD TVs or set-top box. TV-DAC is set in one of the mini-fiber coaxial decoder, connected via an optical or coaxial signals to the TV-DAC decode, TV-DAC output analog signal can be an external headphone or amplifier, multimedia speakers achieve powerful sound.

  • Input – mini OPT, COA
  • Output – 3.5 MM headphone jack
  • Support up to 192Khz/24Bit
  • Power by USB Input

Selling at $50

Popularity – 🙂 🙂


Universal Digital / Analog Audio Converter

A-1298 - Universal AnalogToDigital Converter

  • Using CIRRUS LOGIC chip
  • RCA, OPT, COA  input/Output
  • Support 44.1 – 192KHz sampling rate when use as Digital to Analog converter (DAC)
  • Support 44.1 – 96kHz sampling rate when use as Analog to Digital converter (ADC)
  • Support 16bit-24bit

Selling at $95

Popularity – 🙂 🙂


Toslink Switches

– 3 inputs and 1 outputs for Optical/SPDIF/TOSLINK audio switch
– Supports LPCM2.0/DTS/Dolby-AC3 audio format
– Supports signal timing re-engineering
– Supports output distance up to 40 meters (130ft) when using optical fiber cable loss less 0.2dB/m
– Control input device by pressing button or IR remoter
– Supports power off memory
– Over-voltage protection prevents the wrong power adapter damaging the machine. If the standby light flashes when – charging, it indicates that the charging voltage is too high and you need to replace the power adapter at once
– LED lights indicate working status
– Lossless of quality and signal transmission
– Simple installation
– Comes with external 5V/0.5A power adapter

Selling at $35

Popularity –

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