SoundTech MC15 2-Way Monitor Speaker

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MC15 is a pair of 5-inch 2-way monitor speaker
MC15 box with a 4-layer structure, the appearance of the original bamboo exterior, the middle of high-density MDF wood, speaker inner structure and the walnut wood veneer . Plus a special layer of butyl rubber damping. Cavity-filled sound-absorbing material.

Back and custom gold-plated terminal blocks and black walnut logs in the box.
MC15 packaging, the outer layer 2 is very strong K = A carton, plus EPE protection, bags, to ensure transport.

MC15 crossover, inductance using European imports of oxygen-free copper ,capacitors using the United Kingdom Suntan capacitors (The Suntan Capacitor are used specially for some UK speakers crossover).

Each MC15 is strictly tested and paired with sound
SoundTech using some of the listening test environment, each pair of designers have to personally listen to the MC15, test power amplifier using Halcro’s dual front and rear dual mono Dm10 and Dm58 (the price close to three hundred thousand is also known as The world’s lowest distortion amplifier)

MC15 sensitivity of 83.5dB, although the sensitivity is a bit low, but the impedance of 6 ohms, not too difficult to drive, if using a 80W transistor amplifier or a 20W tube tube machine (such as EL34 push-pull machine) can be a good push.

Internal links Cable used by the British VanDamme recording studio.

Impedance: 6ohm
Sensitivity: 83.5dB
Freq.response: 75Hz-20KHz (-3dB), 55Hz-22KHz (-6dB)
Amplifier Power: 20-100W
Bass/midrange: 5″
Tweeter: 3/4″
Speaker Dimensions: 190mm x 196mm x 306mm (about the size to Roger LS3/5A or Harbeth P3ESR Speakers)
Packing Dimensions: 530mm x 300mm x 420mm
N.W: 12Kg (each pcs 6Kg)
G.W: 14Kg

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