Musical Paradise MP-S1 MK2


MP-S1 MK2 is designed for serious HIFI listeners who want to have great listening experience without paying big-ticket price. This all new MK2 version employs high end “Spider web” transparent Vienna Acoustic 5.5″ Driver Woofer (usually can found in their high end speaker eg Haydn speakers) and Norway SEAS®, 27mm SONOLEX™ soft dome tweeter (usually found in PMC series like TB2i, FB1i, OB1i….) to provide the best music playback performance. It is a good match to Musical Paradise amplifiers.

Impedance: 8 ohms with Sensitivity : 88db, the speaker is easy to drive by any amplifier in class, sounding easily comparable with speakers at price range of 1500usd and above. Recommended amplifier power : 5-100W

Cross Over:
Carefully design by Muscial Paradise Designer to fully optimize the speakers performance. US military enthusiast using wire-wound resistors, high-purity oxygen-free copper 99.9 large air inductors, Germany fever MKP capacitors, effectively enhance performance .

Sound Features:
Sound natural balance , both good analytical, but also delicate Naiting musical.

Finishes: Cherry
Size : 19CM wide X 29CM deep X 30CM high
Weight : 7KG

Selling at $699/pair

See the Review HERE


 SoundTech MC15 2-Way Monitor Speaker

MC15 box with a 4-layer structure, the appearance of the original bamboo exterior, the middle of high-density MDF wood, speaker inner structure and the walnut wood veneer . Plus a special layer of butyl rubber damping. Cavity-filled sound-absorbing material.

Back and custom gold-plated terminal blocks and black walnut logs in the box.

MC15 crossover, inductance using European imports of oxygen-free copper ,capacitors using the United Kingdom Suntan capacitors (The Suntan Capacitor are used specially for some UK speakers crossover).

MC15 sensitivity of 83.5dB, although the sensitivity is a bit low, but the impedance of 6 ohms, not too difficult to drive, if using a 80W transistor amplifier or a 20W tube tube machine (such as EL34 push-pull machine) can be a good push.

Internal links Cable used by the British VanDamme recording studio.

Selling at $790/pair



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