Xiang Sheng DA-05A Dual PCM1794

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DA-05A USB Asynchronous Transmission TE8802L/ 2X PCM1794/ Balance Output

1.Using the famous TE8802L as USB chip  which can support 24bit/192K,it is an Asynchronous Transmission,also can reduce the jitter .TE8802L is a upgrade version from TE7022,Plastic Quad Flat Package QFP128,More better than CM6631.
2.USB part adopts IIS  output signal from TE8802L,  through PCM1794A decoding, not TE8802Ls  Spdif signal, because the Spdif signal should though CS8416 chip, then enter PCM1794A , thus  will increase the jitter value, lose the advantage of asynchronous,  also cannot play out the advantage of TE8802L.
3.Using the famous PCM1794 as decoding part,and with the TI’s Mono mode, can provide more dynamic and wider frequency response.
4.Using 9 OPA2604 for op-amps which made by Korea,and with gold coated RCA connectors and coaxial connector.
5.The machine has 5 digital signal input switching : AES balance output ,BNC, coaxial , fiber optic , USB.
6.2 Output Level :balance output: 9V unbalance output:2V
7. DAC  front panel can show the instructions of USB’s state ,  display some information of the current USB which receiving digital flow ,But it can not  display the others digital flow.
8.ALL resistors and capacitors are audiophile grade to ensure sound quality ,such as Germany WIMA capcitors ,American DAlE resistors etc.

Product Specifications / Features
1. Dimensions: 330*220*70mm
2. Frequency response: 10Hz-30KHz
3.3. SNR: General port output: 110dB
4. Harmonic distortion: General port output: < 0.005%
5. Supports 16bit/20bit/24bit digital stream
6. supports the following sampling frequencies: 32kHz-192KHz
7. Output Level: balance output: 9V unbalance output: 2V
8. Dynamic range: balance output>120dB, unbalance output>110dB
9. Input Impedance: AES/120ohms figures & others/75 ohms figures
10. Line Output impedance: 600 ohms
12. Working environment: temp: 5 —40 degree
Humidity: 35%—80%
13. Net Weight: about 4Kg

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