Topping D30 DSD DAC

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Receiving good impressions on Head-Fi as a great value DAC, Topping D30 valuable for money for its performance. It features the highly regarded CS4398 DAC chip—along with Hi-fi grade WIMA, EPCOS, and Nichicon FW capacitors and the OPA2134 high-fidelity op-amp: and supports DSD64, DSD128, and PCM formats up to 24 bit/192 kHz. The circuit has been specially designed to eliminate pop noise, and the high-quality, laser-engraved aluminum shell is sleek, sturdy, and compact. Plus, it’s as user-friendly as they come, its front panel fitted with two LED indicators and two switches: one for on/off and the other to switch between optical, coaxial, and USB.

D30 can build a suit set with A30 and other mini speaker amplifier (other products and the shelf need to be purchased separately). This can be a good alternative to the Schiit Headphone Amplifier + DAC bundle.

– D30 supports USB ,Coaxial and Optical Fiber. Input range 16-24bit/44.1-192KHz
– Two switches,two light indicators
– Aluminum shell
– XMOS asynchronous interface
– Cirrus CS4398 decoding chip
– Japan KOA resistance
– Genmany WIMA capacitor
– Germany Siemens capacitor
– HD audio OP AMP OPA2134

– Digital audio input interface: USB +Coaxial +Optical Fiber
– Analog audio output interface: 1*RCA (1 channel stereo)
– Weight: About 427g
– Size: Aboyt 12.2*3.8*17.7cm

– Decoding range:
USB: 16-24bit/ 44.1-192KHz,DSD64,DSD128
Optical Fiber:16-24bit/ 32-192KHz
Coaxial :16-24bit/ 32-192KHz
– Background noise (sampling rate 44.1KHz):
USB: 3.9uVrms
Optical Fiber: 5.2uVrms
Coaxial : 5.1uVrms
– Line Out output level: 2.1Vrms @1KHz
– Typical distortion (@1KHz,sampling rate 96KHz)
USB: 0.00062%
Optical Fiber: 0.00063%
Coaxial : 0.00065%
– SNR (sampling rate 44.1KHz):
USB: 115.7db
Optical Fiber:113.2db
Coaxial :113.4db
– Channel separation (@1KHz,sampling rate 44.1KHz)
USB: -117.7db
Optical Fiber:-117.6db
Coaxial :-117.6db
– Frequency response: 10-20KHz-+1.2db

Package List:
– 1 x TOPPING VX3 Digital Power Amplifier
– 1 x 100-240B input 15V1A output power adapter
– 1 x USB cable
– 1 x U-disk

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