SMSL Sanskrit 6 (SK6) WM8740 DAC

Sanskrit 6th main chipset: CM6631A, WM8740, JRC2114MD. Chipset with more perfect. Selection of components in large quantities of production Nichicon · VISHAY · ELNA · TDA · TI · SMSL · JRC · WOLFSON · AV · gold-plated RCA, Immersion Gold PCB, to ensure the best elements Sanskrit 6th, the best design, the most stringent technology, most cost-effective design.

Sanskrit 6th optical and coaxial input support 24bit / 192khz sampling rate. Computer USB input supports 32bit / 192khz sampling rate to support asynchronous USB transfer. Including support for the current widespread use of 88.2Khz sampling rate.
Sanskrit shell using aluminum material, CNC high-precision machining, drawing oxidation.
Sanskrit built-in MCU control, mute switch. Input and output power and memory (no need to restart the machine to select the input). Multi-function input. Full function LED indicator.
Sanskrit beautify the appearance of one-touch control while simplifying operation, easier to use and easy to understand. Solve the peer machines generally use several switches to switch or without switch, when you need to pull for line use and other troubles.

Speed Control (SELECT) Description:
1: switch
Press SELECT key for 1 second, STA lights to red, the machine is turned; turn off the machine also long press the SELECT button for 1 second, STA lights converted to green, the machine is turned off.
2: Input Select
Touch the SELECT key to PC-USB, optical fiber, coaxial input switching. Shutdown or power failure with memory.

LED Display:
STA light is red, the machine is turned on;
STA indicator is green, the machine is turned off.
USB light is red, PC-USB input selection.
OPT indicator is red, optical input selection.
COA light is red, coaxial input selection.

SMSL Sanskrit 6 can be connected to portable devices
Operation: iPhone 5 over / iPad 2 / iPad air and so on, through Apple’s corresponding camera kit (the buyers bring their own or buy) and USB cable Sanskrit 6, open the playback software to play, and then Apple’s portable devices good results!
(Note: Support OTG Android phones only need to buy an OTG cable, you can then use Sanskrit 6, it is strongly recommended that Andrews phone use seashells player, sound performance better!)
Your device has a coaxial or optical output can also be connected Sanskrit 6 play, pure DAC decoder required before you can use with the amp.

Input mode: USB, optical, coaxial
Output level: 2.0 Vrms
HD + N: 0.0007% (-3dBFS)
Dynamic range: 113dB
SNR: 115dB
Channel separation: 110dB
USB transfer mode: asynchronous transmission
USB Compatibility: Windows XP, 7, 8, 8.1;
Mac OS X 10.6 or more;
iOS 5.0 or higher (required with camera kit);
Android 4.0 or higher (requires OTG line);
Bit depth: USB 16bit – 32bit
Optical fiber, coaxial 16bit – 24bit
Sampling Rate: 32kHz – 192kHz
Power consumption: 3.1W
Standby power consumption: 0.8W
Machine dimensions: 146 * 98 * 35 mm
Weight: 0.85kg

1 x Sanskrit 6 Unit
1 x USB Cable
1 x DC 9V Power Adapter


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