Gustard Dual WM8741 DAC-X9

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GUSTARD DAC X9 High-End Balance DAC Dual WM8741/XMOS USB support DSD 384K/32BIT

a. Dual WM8741
b. XMOS(32K-384KHZ)
c. DSD64
d. DSD plug-in Download:

Third revising version of this dac. This version use XMOS based USB solution which is top-end USB audio chip on market.

About DAC-X9:
Since the introduction WM8740 product, GUSTARD began to study the next generation WM8741 product
After more than a year, several tests and combine many professionals, feedback

Finalized this version, and named – X9
With the USB technology development, USB 24bit/96K is no longer able to music lovers requirements. USB 24BIT/192K became inevitable outcome. X9 born.
Therefore, we did not stop on the USB study, but the requirements for USB is up to another level, after more than six months, we finally put the industry’s very famous XMOS program officially launched, also achieved with high-end USB DAC’s dream, this is the third generation X9.

X9 can automatically identify 32K – 192KHZ signal, and let the chip in the corresponding frequency, because some of this machine is the perfect all-round support for a variety of frequencies.
As the popular blue screen with backlight, but even more white loophole without glare.
Screen as significant are: signal input – digital filter section – signal frequency
Signal frequency can automatically detect significantly depending on the screen, allowing players to keep track of the music quality

DAC-X9 is based on two core WM8741 is a high-end data converters Our design philosophy is to focus on while maintaining signal integrity to avoid noise and jitter. Digital and analog channels with separate sealing ring cow independent power supply. So signals are transmitted in batches, thus ensuring maximum signal isolation and crosstalk to a minimum.

Philips uses 12 main filter capacitor array consisting BC, Philips biggest feature is the Chiang Kai-shek pollution
Two filter using 10 ST SMD electrolytic

X9 uses the FIFO and CPLD clock reconstruction techniques, and 44.1 and 48k using a different clock source, thanks to the clock to rebuild the circuit, SPDIF input demodulation can not hesitate to use CS8416.CS8416 in various demodulator chip where the signal compatibility is the best, just a bit worse jitter index, but with with ReColock the FIFO, jitter problems can be negligible. With ReColock, there is a benefit that can be safely used fiber.

Wolfson Microelectronics Wolfson microelectronics has always had a taste of most analog decoder chip known and dominate. WM8741 is a new ultra high-performance stereo digital-analog-to-chip high-end audio applications, which further consolidated Wolfson’s not beyond! As Wolfson WM8741 chip can provide top-128dB SNR (mono), so it can be set to meet the performance requirements of the most demanding needs of a variety of applications, and can cut through the audio filtering required to achieve listening experience

Adopted XMOS used in professional audio field X-CORE digital signal processing unit, which has powerful processing capabilities, is by far the industry’s most advanced digital audio solutions. Achieve the USB Audio Class 2.0 Asynchronous Transfer playback, and supports low latency ASIO, KS and other professional audio software interface, support for Windows and Mac operating systems.
USB 2.0 interface for asynchronous playback 1BIT / 2.8224MHz sampling rate of DSD digital signal also is DSD64

Panel features:
SOURCE: input selection, you can coaxial fiber AES / EBU USB four each input switch;
STANDBY: Standby
DFSEL: WM8741 inherent five kinds of filter mode, you can choose one according to your favorite.

DAC-X9 Features:
1. 2x wolfson
WM8741 dac chips — mono configuration (one chip for one channel)
2. CS8416 SPDIF receiver for 24bit 192k SPSID signal compatibility.
This is most stable and high compatible SPDIF receiving chip on market.
This dac can receive and decode real 24bit 192k SPDIF signal!
Most 24bit/192k dac actually can not deal with 24bit 192k SPDIF signal.
They just use a 24/192 dac chip but fail to perform 24bit 192k capability.
3. XMOS USB Audio Reference 2.0 receiver chip, supporting native Asynchronous 24bit 192K digital output capability.
That it has powerful processing capabilities, is the industry’s most advanced digital audio solutions. Achieve USB Audio Class 2.0 Asynchronous Transfer playback, and supports ASIO, KS and other professional audio software interface that supports both Windows and Mac operating systems.
4. Two sealed high grade transformer deployed, one for digital, another for analog circuit.
5. Dedicate voltage regulation circuit, 2 stage for digital circuit, each wm8741 chips have independent second stage regulated power supply.
6. 4x OPA627au (by 2pcs of ‘2x mono to dual opamp adapter) for analog balanced XLR output.
(VALAB version specified by 2pcs of ‘2x mono to dual opamp adapter)
7. 2x AD797 OPAMP for analog RCA output.  (VALAB version specified)
8. All high grade parts usage, carefully chosen parts for best sound performance.
9. Professional circuit layout to get best circuit stability and great performance.
10. Aluminum housing.
11. Digital Input: balanced Spdif AES/EBU port, RCA, Toslink Optical input and USB
12. Analog Output: balanced analog output via XLR port, single ended output via RCA port (CMC socket; VALAB version specified).

Power: 115V / 230V
Machine Dimension: 190 * 70 * 311 (MM) (excluding empty part)
Gross Weight: 3.5KG
Chassis Material: Aluminum
Surface Technology: Drawing oxidation
Body Color: Black
The front plate colors: Black and Silver
Marking process: laser, never fade
Windows XP/Vista/7/8 Driver:
Mac OS X 10.6.4 and above don’t need to install the driver.
E-file instructions:

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