Gustard Dual ES9018Pro DAC-X20Pro

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Dual ESS Technology Sabre Reference 32bit ES9028PRO DAC chip,R and L sound Chanel one on each side.
SNR up to 129db,distortion rate -120db
Automatic adaptation master clock technology and Asynchronous master clock technology。
Two clock mode can be freely selected.
XMOS 32bit USB receiver chip which is best performance asynchronous USB audio solution.
CPLD programmable logic device.Soft control.
Three files gain,volume can be adjusted.Attenuation adjustable from 0 to -99DB.
TFT LCD screen,adjustable contrast.
Power supply with two 50W O-type transformers,Digital and Analog independent power supply,and use Discrete Components regulation Voltage stabilization.
Full balance Discrete components Analog Line.Balance / RCA output simultaneously.
Digital Input:balanced Spdif AES/EBU port,RCA,Toslink Optical input and USB,(Key switch)
Both 110/120v and 220/240v version supported.
Power Supply:AC 230V 50 / 60Hz (AC 115V 50 / 60Hz),Power Consumption: <50W
Dimensions (excluding protruding part): W 380MM * H 65MM * D 260MM
Package Size:L 470MM*W 360*H 175MM
Extensive digital filtering

ESS Technology ESS ES9028PRO Sabre Reference 32-bit DAC
8 mono to 2 stereo configuration,4 D/A converters per channel

Digital Input:
PCM:16-24bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192 kHz

PCM:16-24bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192 kHz

PCM:16-24bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192 kHz

PCM:16-32bit /44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192、352.8、384kHz
DSD Native:DSD64、DSD128、DSD256、DSD512

USB:16-32bit / 44.1、48、88.2、96、176.4、192、352.8、384 kHz

Analog Output:
RCA Output:3.0 Vrms @0dBFS
XLR Output:6.0 Vrms @0dBFS
Frequency:20-20K Hz +/-0.15dB

Mac OS X 10.6.4 and above don’t need to install the driver
Compatible includes 32/64-bit Microsoft Windows XP,WindowsVista,Windows7,Windows8,Windows 8.1,Windows 10 and other mainstream Windows systems,supports Apple MacOS systems,Linux kernel support system,and is compatible with partial support OTG function of iOS,Android smart devices.


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