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GUSTARD A20H premium dual AK4497 DSD DAC D/A converter with XMOS asynchronous USB, Original fully balanced circuit from DA to amplifier without any conversion,With unbalanced output and balanced output,Integrated high performance headphone amplifier

GUSTARD recently announced a new DAC– A20H, It is the successor of X20 DAC, Gustard have researched DAC for years and developed some good products in very good reputation. A20H is based on dual AK4497 DAC chips which is the latest flagship product from AKM, The DAC is specially optimized for better performance and sound presentation. LPF section is constructed with discrete components at class A working status,It is the biggest advantage than the other DACs on market,The transistors in LPF are matched for original sound.

– Dual AK4497 latest DAC chip from AKM, One for each channel to get better dynamic and pure sound.
– Using CPLD programmable logic chip,Burned with self-own code to manager clock, 2nd PLL digital shapping, DOP decoding, PCM/DSD dop switch etc, It is the foundation of amazing sound presentation
– Headphone amplifier is constructed with discrete components,It works at class A,With balanced and unbalanced output to cover all needs of head-fi
– Original fully balanced circuit from DA to amplifier without any conversion.
– DAC section and headphone section use two 50W toroidal audio power transformer
– LPF section is constructed with discrete components at class A working status,Each stage is carefully optimized.
– A20H can be used as pre-amplifier, Gain is selectable between high and low, Support up to 60 steps analog volume adjustment,With remote control user can turn-off the pre amp function.
– Support DSD high definition audio
– I2S: DSD64/DSD128/DSD256/DSD512
– Spdif/Optical/AES/EBU: DSD64(DOP mode)
– USB: DSD64/DSD128/DSD256 Multiple digital filter for different taste, DSD support Wide BW/Narrow BW, PCM support Short Delay Sharp/Short Delay Slow/Sharp/Slow/Low-dispersion Short Delay Filter/Super Slow.
– USB input is powered with XMOS U8 asynchronous receiver, Support PCM384Khz DSD256
– Adjustable brightness of screen,Low preset setting if no operation after 30 seconds, Auto memory if no operation after 10 seonds, Will load the latest setting when power on next time.
– Fully aluminum enclosure/chassis, Optional sliver and black color

– Size: 330(W) * 260 (D) * 65mm(H)
– Gross weight: 6.5KG
– Voltage input: AC 100V to 240V(we will send according to the voltage in your country)
– Frequency response” 20Hz to 20Khz +-0.1DB
– Output level
– Line out( preamp off): RCA– 2.0Vrms at 0dBFS, XLR– 4.0Vrms a5 0dBFS
– Headphone output: 2400mW at 32 ohm
32Ohm 2400mW
64Ohm 12300mW
150Ohm 530mW
600Ohm 132mW

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