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GEK’s GA-98 use a Swiss STMicroelectronics Ltd. (STMicroelectronics) of TDA7498E core. TDA7498E is a class D audio amplifier chip BTL output circuit.  All using high quality components to create the best quality performance,  use  EPCOS, PHILIPS, TOCOS, Panasonic, DALE, ALPS, WIMA, ELNA ‘s high fever  accessories and components, it’s high quality exquisite HIFI digital amplifier

TDA7498E power is 160WX2 (power supply = DC36V maximum measured) power is very powerful. Can push dual 8-inch big box no pressure

GA-98 features:
Japan ELNA Joyner’s top large-capacity capacitor audio fever, also the highest level of ELNA capacitors, small loss tangent, leakage current, low internal resistance, high ripple current, features excellent sound warm, medium thick,natural kind, High-frequency extension has a good level of performance, soft and delicate.
All the United States DALE quality fever resistance, low thermal noise, high stability, to ensure the machine superior sound quality and performance.
The output section uses the American Red gray loop digital amplifier dedicated inductor high current fever, can carry currents up to 10A or more, to obtain high-calorie dive deep bass with power, high extension excellent.
Two of Germany’s top WIMA audio-specific capacitors, as OPA2604 output coupling circuits use only the best choice in the coupling circuit, IF warm delicate thick, bile flavor, high cost!
TDA7498E with a built-in STANDBY and MUTE circuit, switch machines without any impact sound and protect your expensive speakers.

GA-98 has a big power, bass good sense of speed, drive and control is also very strong, very strong and because of the low frequency control is quite good, and it gets to make a good low-frequency resolving power, and therefore from the low to the high frequency range of the whole, this small amplifier have a clear and distinct audio level. listening to the performance of contemporary music at the same time did not seem very prominent shrill, just to feel exceptionally clear and transparent and spotless. When listening to the show was enough to restore a soft supple enough to allow the sound to maintain a proper and bright gloss, however, at the same time can be a powerful keystroke sound performance thoroughly, great sense of shock; may exhibit a gentle and delicate texture, you can let the sound becomes more high-pitched buzz.
TDA7498E is a dual bridge connected load (BTL) class-D audio amplifier chip, using a single power supply, with small size, high efficiency, high power characteristics. TDA7498 chip with a reasonable layout of our fine board, as well as with a variety of high-quality components, such as: custom designed digital amplifier dedicated high-current inductors, Philips, VISHAY, SANYO high-frequency low-impedance high temperature fever capacitors, SMD chip devices such as the original and so on. This amplifier circuit board is simple, reliable work. Supply voltage 15V-36V (voltage recommended not to exceed 36V), the maximum output 160Wx2 (peak), a small amount of heat, the efficiency can reach 90%. You can use switching power supply, also suitable for battery or battery-powered portable electronics. TDA7498E amplifier board compact, use and installation are very flexible and convenient, all using genuine components using devices capable of long-term stability.
Working voltage: DC15V-36V  single power supply
Maximum output: 160Wx2 (in 36v with 4 Ohms speak)

Preamp op amp is Texas’s 2 x OPA2604 (not available in SMSL 98e)

2X OPA2604(It is designed specifically for audio -specific op amp , sound mellow, Thick and smooth. It has neutral warm which is known as the operational amplifier that has a tube sound.
Good in low frequency control , Soundstage and separation as well)

Packing included:
– TDA7498E digital power amplifier
– Branded High Power DC supply

The power supply description is:
– Input voltage: AC100-240V 50/60HZ
– Output voltage: DC 36V-4.5A
– output Plug Style: 5.5 * 2.5mm

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