GEK GA-50 Amplifier

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GA-50 is adopted TPA3123 TI  dual-channel Class D audio power amplifier, using high quality digital amplifier PHILIPS, ELNA, nichicon, EPCOS, DALE fever and other senior refined accessories.

1. Texas NE5532 preamp uses a high-performance low-noise op amps of the Emperor, high performance, low noise, with better noise performance, excellent performance and very high output drive small-signal bandwidth is determined by 2 to 3 times magnification can make the right amount of negative feedback, soft sound, clearer and more transparent, to achieve optimum results.
2. 4 x PHILIPS Philips 2200uf filter capacitor in parallel to 8800UF large capacity, to ensure that the machines provide a large volume of bursting when a steady stream of energy, can effectively reduce the noise, allowing you to enjoy, that delicate music.
3. Japan’s famous ELNA audio-specific capacitance, with the first stage filter circuit, the sound accurate, balanced, well-resolution, low distortion small loss tangent, natural silk fiber medium, high-quality sound to play silk supple nature, increasing the amount of solid sense of low frequency.
4. Japan’s top nichicon Nikon fever dedicated audio capacitors, using the preceding stage coupling circuit in the best choice, absolutely essential, warm tone, delicate and sweet, without choking ears too.
5. Most of the use of Siemens stability polar capacitor use in filtering, coupling circuits. US DALE resistors fever and ensure the machine excellent performance, more stable working condition.
6. custom red gray loop amplifier dedicated inductor High fever, large rated current, easy to hot, high-performance low-loss, high Q value, the better the sound performance, the best design high quality low distortion, far far beyond some ordinary small cylinder inductance.
7. welded parts all use high quality American Alpha solder wire welding technology, welding tough line to ensure stability.

Power: 50W for 4ohm,  25W for 8ohm
Efficiency: 81% @ 50W, 4O 88% @ 25W, 😯
Dynamic range: 100dB
External dimensions: 145 * 92 * 41 includes a projecting portion
Panel Color: Black / Silver
Fit Color: Black
Housing material: aluminum
Shell process: pulling grain oxide (not the same as painting fade)
Screen Printing Process: Laser engraving (not the same as painting fade)
Signal Input: RCA gold-plated lotus pedestal signal input
Output signal: 4-wire signal output
Power supply: DC12-28V 50W more than the outer diameter of 5.5mm diameter 2.1mm center positive negative
Circuit plate: 1.6mm thick glass full immersion gold process

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