Solid State Amplifiers

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AIBBC HF-2050 (3rd Generation) – Balanced Amplifier


AIBBC HF-2050 is  a class AB amplifier and now currently is the 3rd generation with few major improvement. , using the tube taste MOSFET power tube design, four large capacitor storage for the main filter design to ensure bass dive deep, pragmatic, powerful;  Overall three sound  dimension, clear and transparent, solid and steady, sweet and charm. It has a Balanced connection, probably is hard to find a balanced amplifier below 500 range as balanced connection usually found in high end equipments.

  • Premium Edition: The input amplification op amp and the signal amplification op amp use two expensive AD797BD op amps. The AD797BD op amp has a particularly high resolution and excellent bass dynamics. The intermediate frequency is smooth and detail, and the vocals are rich and delicate. The driver op amp uses two BB flagship op amp OPA627AU single op amp, OPA627 has a particularly high resolution and excellent bass dynamics, medium frequency sleek and smooth, vocal rich and delicate, high and low frequency extension is very good, high resolution, vocal friendly, high frequency gorgeous Through, the intermediate frequency is pure, the low frequency dive and the strength are good, the sound field expands forward and backward!
  • Deluxe Edition: Signal amplification and signal input are respectively adopted by New Japan high-fidelity sound quality JRC Ultimate dual-operating MUSES01 and MUSES02. The two flagship version of the dual op amp is a dual-circuit, J-FET input form semiconductor device developed for the pursuit of high sound quality without considering the cost, material size, and productivity of the device. The high-quality operational amplifier that is produced to capture the “real sound” of the soul is one of the most suitable operational amplifiers for advanced audio equipment. It is also the world’s first oxygen-free copper frame with a considerable improvement in sound quality. Known as the “original voice patron”, the sound is very pure, the resolution is good and there is no burr, the sound field is broad but the layers are distinct, the more the run sound is like tasting old wine. The driving force began to appear; the driver op amp uses two MUSES8920 op amps. The MUSES8920 follows the high-quality development concept pursued by MUSES01, and realizes the mass-optimized op amp optimized for chip and frame materials, which improves production capacity and reduces costs. Under the premise, a cost-effective production of a 2-circuit operational amplifier with bipolar input. In addition to the MUSES01/02 DIP package (dual in-line type), the product also takes into account the increased mass production capabilities of audio equipment manufacturers. The sound style of the MUSES8920 is similar to that of the MUSES01, and it can reproduce the “acoustic and sense of presence” that can only be experienced at the symphony concert scene, as well as the “breathing of the performer” that can only be felt in fashion clubs. Waiting for “real sound”, it is indeed a mass production type that is very suitable for high-end audio equipment.
  • High Power: 130-160 watts X2  (4Ω), 80-90watts X2 (8Ω)
  • Pre-amp circuit with power supply completely independent, adjust and optimize the parameters of the parts, remove overheat resistor. This help the amplifier to produce low heat, better stability, better sound quality, treble more balanced. The Pre-amp connection can connect to an active subwoofer to provide more bass to your music.
  • Relay using Japan’s OMRON which is excellent quality, stability and enhance the reliability of the machine
  • Volume potentiometer using Japanese RK16 ALPS double potentiometer, help to make the key components to become more reliable.
  • Balanced 1/RCA2/RCA3 three analog audio signal input.
  • Balanced input upgrade to independent power supply, audio + / – input differential signal, making the audio signal restore to be more delicate, resulting to reproduce the high resolution and analysis, the BB opa2228pa balanced input and bottom with low noise, sound quality is more delicate, more sweet.
  • Op-amp decoupling capacitor all independent regulated power supply, will decouple the affected op-amp that affect the sound quality, Loopback capacitor upgrade using Nichicon Muse Series – the flagship KZ Series, Nichicon KZ series high frequency capacitance which has a gorgeous and charming mid, good low which is sweet and delicate. The op amp input decoupling of Japan ‘s Top Chemical AVF audio capacitors which is small in size and using high quality oxygen-free copper pins. Crisp and clear high-frequency , low dive with good speed and big sound stage , very different from the traditional Japanese capacitors sound. Op amp input decoupling using Elna silmic2 matte version hi-fi audio capacitors, silmic2 very natural, the highest quality audio capacitors (third harmonic distortion) SILMIC improved version. This series not only natural in characteristics, the low is thick, the mid and high suffer from less distortion. Very ideal coupling and decoupling capacitor. The sound quality effect maximum signal coupling transmission after repeated testing comparison, we promise to ensure the stability of the power amplifier performance, the final choice of straight lotus root method, resulting in the widening of frequency response, high – low more excellent, sound more transparent nature. Optimize pre-amp circuit and with tuning, use high quality audio capacitor, resulting great improves in the sounding, circuit optimization to maximize

Selling at Premium Edition -$385    , Deluxe Edition – $425

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂


Topping PA3

Ideal for driving bookshelf speakers, the Topping PA3 is a compact power amplifier equipped with ST’s class-D TDA7498E amp chip. It delivers 80 watts per channel at a 4-ohm load—enough to drive 10-inch speakers—and has a curved, screwless front panel design that looks sleek in any setup. Two LEDs indicate the input status, while an MCU monitors issues like overload, overheating, overvoltage, and low voltage. On the rear panel, you’ll find two RCA inputs, which allow you to connect two devices at a time and easily switch between them on the front panel. Additional components include an ALPS potentiometer, EPCOS film capacitors, a Nichicon hi-fi capacitor, and an OMRON relay.

Selling at $145

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Topping TP22


  • Using Tripath TK2050
  • 30W*2 output power
  • Supply 2 way RCA input

Selling at $140

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂


GEK GA-98 (to replace SMSL 98E)


GEK’s GA-98 use a Swiss STMicroelectronics Ltd. (STMicroelectronics) of TDA7498E core. TDA7498E is a class D audio amplifier chip BTL output circuit. The circuit and design is similar to SMSL 98E with except it has addition pre op amp inside.

All using high quality components to create the best quality performance,  use  EPCOS, PHILIPS, TOCOS, Panasonic, DALE, ALPS, WIMA, ELNA ‘s high fever  accessories and components, it’s high quality exquisite HIFI digital amplifier

TDA7498E power is 160WX2 (power supply = DC36V maximum measured) power is very powerful. Can push dual 8-inch big box no pressure

2X OPA2604 (not available in SMSL 98E) – It is designed specifically for audio -specific op amp , sound mellow, Thick and smooth. It has neutral warm which is known as the operational amplifier that has a tube sound.
Good in low frequency control , Soundstage and separation as well

Selling at $145
Linear Power Bundle at $295 (Save $15)

Currently available in Black / Silver

Popularity – 🙂




  • TI Class D TPA3123 chip
  • 2 x 50W output power
  • Texas NE5532 Ops preamp
  •  Using high performance hi fi grade capacitors PHILIPS, ELNA, nichicon, EPCOS, DALE etc

Selling at $85

Currently available in Black / Silver




You will be stun by how powerful this little amp can surprise you in term of warmness and detail.

  • TDA7498E Class D T Amp
  • 2*160W big power output amp

Selling at (no Stock)

Currently available in Black / Silver / Gold

Popularity –  🙂 🙂 🙂


Miu Audio MKP-1  – Mini Power Amp


Very Powerful Stereo power amplifier. To be used by connecting it to good quality speakers whose efficiency is at least 86/88 db. Perfect  match with the mini Pre-Amp the like of Racoon SG-300 / Miu tech MKTP-1

  • TA2024 Tripath Class T Amp
  • 2 x 15W output power
  • Dimensions 67mm x 27mm x 118mm (very mini in size)
  • High performance audio performance

Selling at (No Stock)

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8 thoughts on “Solid State Amplifiers

  1. Does any of your t or d amp and those, hybrid amp (that is those with a tube pre and t or d power amp), causes interference or noise when operate near an fm tuner? If yes, what are those models that have radio interference? How can these interference be avoided?

  2. Previously owned 2 units of Topping TP60 class T amps. They are capable sounding amp at this price point. Now looking for an amp with balanced input and preamp output. AIBBC HF-2050 fulfills my requirements…can’t wait to test out how it sounds!

  3. Hi bro, bought the SA98E T-amp from you last Saturday and I was blown away by the power and sound quality of this little device. Will call you soon for advice on getting either some cables or power distributors.

  4. hi.all .this smsl sa98e really a powerful n the best t amp that i had heard before..i personally give 5 stars rewards for this little amp,best sounding n value for the money..

    • Thanks you bro to loan your place for testing my few T-amp. I am also surprise on the sound come out from the SA98e. Powerful, crisp, clean and clear. I find it really good for music lover. The bass is not as strong as Topping Tp60 thought but the other strong points of 98e, I can say worth the money to pay for such quality.

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