AIBBC HF-2050 (3rd Generation) Balance Amplifier

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HF-2050 (third generation) Premium version amplifier major improvement:

  • Pre-amp circuit with power supply completely independent, adjust and optimize the parameters of the parts, remove overheat resistor. This help the amplifier to produce low heat, better stability, better sound quality, treble more balanced.
  • Relay using Japan’s OMRON which is excellent quality, stability and enhance the reliability of the machine
  • Volume potentiometer using Japanese RK16 ALPS double potentiometer, help to make the key components to become more reliable.
  • Balanced 1/RCA2/RCA3 three analog audio signal input.
  • Balanced input upgrade to independent power supply, audio + / – input differential signal, making the audio signal restore to be more delicate, resulting to reproduce the high resolution and analysis, so that you can connect more advanced audio system, export balance input using a professional recording studio balanced input circuit, independent power supply, the BB opa2228pa balanced input and bottom with low noise, sound quality is more delicate, more sweet.
  • Op-amp decoupling capacitor all independent regulated power supply, will decouple the affected op-amp that affect the sound quality, Loopback capacitor upgrade using Nichicon Muse Series – the flagship KZ Series, Nichicon KZ series high frequency capacitance which has a gorgeous and charming mid, good low which is sweet and delicate. The op amp input decoupling of Japan ‘s Top Chemical AVF audio capacitors which is small in size and using high quality oxygen-free copper pins. Crisp and clear high-frequency , low dive with good speed and big sound stage , very different from the traditional Japanese capacitors sound.Op amp input decoupling using Elna silmic2 matte version hi-fi audio capacitors, silmic2 very natural, the highest quality audio capacitors (third harmonic distortion) SILMIC improved version. This series not only natural in characteristics, the low is thick, the mid and high suffer from less distortion. Very ideal coupling and decoupling capacitor. The sound quality effect maximum signal coupling transmission after repeated testing comparison, we promise to ensure the stability of the power amplifier performance, the final choice of straight lotus root method, resulting in the widening of frequency response, high – low more excellent, sound more transparent nature. Optimize pre-amp circuit and with tuning, use high quality audio capacitor, resulting great improves in the sounding, circuit optimization to maximize

The characteristic:

  • Case material: aluminum structure design, high-grade refined aluminum knob, high-grade paint technology, elegant, is your mini desktop hi-fi amplifier of choice.
  • Part of the amplifier components design, is tune by very experience audiophile, op-amp selection using hi-fi grade.
  • Premium Edition: the input signal by new Japan Radio JRC hifi Dual OP AMP MUSES8820, MUSES8820 inherit the sound signature of flagship MUSES02 , in term to pursuit high quality sound with a fraction of lower cost is most suitable for high-end audio equipment, amplifier can reproduce a symphonic music scene, just like you are listening in the live “Orchestra” which has shocks scene, and only in the fashion club to feel ” the playing the shortness of breath and real voice ” and so on; signal amplification using two BB flagship op amp OPA627AU single rotation Dual OP AMP, driven transport by two BB flagship op amp OPA627AU single operational amplifier with high resolution and excellent dynamic bass, smooth mid, vocal delicate.
  • Topend Edition: Signal amplification and signal input respectively using New Japan Radio flagship dual op amp JRC MUSES01 and MUSES02, to pursuit of high quality and development of dual- circuit, we are not stingy of using these 2 flagship op amp despite the cost and other aspect, we are more concern on improving the sound quality , J-FET input device , we only pursuit of spiritual shocking “true voice” and the production of high-quality operational amplifier is most suitable for use in high end audio equipment operational amplifier products , is the world’s first use of a considerable improvement on the quality of the oxygen-free copper framework operational amplifier, is known as the ” Original Sound God Keeper ” , the sound is very clean , good detail, good sound stage and treble , the more it run in, the sound more like tasting old wine , and slowing the sound begin to open up
  • Sound quality as the first priority , using the tube taste MOSFET power tube design, four 10000UF capacitor storage for the main filter design to ensure bass dive deep, pragmatic, powerful;  thick mid, robust and gentle; treble clear, delicate, transparent, dynamic with strong excellent power; overall three sound  dimension, clear and transparent, solid and steady, sweet and charm.
  • The Japanese Omron relay, boot time delay relay and shutdown quick disconnect function, completely avoid switch machine circuit instantaneously imbalance, resulting in DC output that will impact the speaker. This can help to prolong the lifespan of your loudspeaker
  • Short circuit protection and DC protection function, respectively, the host and external connected loudspeaker protection, if encountered a fault in the wiring mistake or machine, This machine protection by disconnecting the output, so as to reduce any loses to minimum.
  • EMC electromagnetic compatibility and compliance with the standard design of electrical safety, in line with UL, CE, CCC and other countries and regions of the security standards, to avoid the machine external electromagnetic radiation and the use of safety, so that your personal health and safety are safeguard.
  • PCB the use of double-sided, blue oil, spray tin, RoHs design and production, the circuit is stable and reliable, the use of harmful substances released from the outside, to ensure your health.
  • Using all precision resistance as a signal amplification processing, to ensure accuracy of the machine sensitivity, consistent in work, to ensure that the factory of each machine is consistent with the design requirements.
  • The op amp input decoupling of Japan ‘s Top Chemical AVF audio capacitors which is small in size and using high quality oxygen-free copper pins. Crisp and clear high-frequency , low dive with good speed and big sound stage , very different from the traditional Japanese capacitors sound.
  • Volume potentiometer using Japanese RK16 ALPS type double precision potentiometer, the internal use of high grade carbon film, with control precision, sound balance is excellent, rotation noise is extremely low, even for long time use the performance stable
  • Professional quality custom toroidal transformer, A-class iron core, the iron core contact less, pure red copper wire winding, ensure the machine extremely low background noise and stability.
  • Gold-plated copper crystal wiring column, gold RCA jack, in line with the States safety of switching power supply, power supply socket. Materials are carefully Selected and Consider.

● Continuous RMS Power Output
20Hz~20KHz,Both Channels Driven
80 watts×2,8Ω,THD 1%
77 watts×2,8Ω,THD 0.07%
130 watts×2,4Ω,THD 1%
125 watts×2,4Ω,THD 0.09%
● Input Sensitivity:   500mV±50Mv
● Inter-Channel Crosstalk: >60dB,10KHz
● Signal To Noise Ratio
– >74dB at 1W/8Ω,unweighted
– >100dB at 80W/8Ω,unweighted
● Dynamic peak power
– 98 watts per channel,8Ω
– 158 watts per channel,4Ω
● AC Power Requirement
– 100~120V/200~240V,50-60Hz
– 300 watt full output
● Frequency peak power:18HZ~90KHz,-3dB,1Watt
● Total Harmonic Distortion:0.06% at average listening levels
● Dimensions:271mm(L) * 190mm(W) * 71mm(H)
● In but Impedance levels:Unbal:50KΩ  Balance:20KΩ
● Net Weight:5.2Kg

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