Smart-OTG Flash Drive

Mini USB3.0 Smart-OTG Flash Drive

1) Black – 32GB selling at $36,  16GB selling at $25

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Each mini USB3.0 Smart-OTG come with:
*FREE Valvet bag which come in Black or Red (Default color will be given unless mentioned)
*FREE HP Strap with lobster hook

– Backward compatible with USB2.0 port. Plug and Play. No need install any software. Size comparable to a SD card length of 3.5cm only.
– Fast Speed transfer between the PC/Latop to the mini USB3.0 Smart OTG.
(I tested copied 1GB file within 1 min on USB2.0 port. You can imagine if you use it on USB3.0 port, the transfer speed will be faster!)
– When connect the mini USB3.0 SMART-OTG to Smartphone/PC, you can Play Music and Video, View Photo, Transfer Data, Open   Document, File Exchange.
-Work with Samsung Galaxy Note I/II/III, Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S I/II/III/VI, Motorola XOOM, TG01,Nokia N8,E7 etc and other Cell Phones and Tablet which support OTG** Function.

** OTG usage depends on the Smartphone itself. For example Samsung Smartphones are smart enough to plug and play the SMART-OTG flash drive. While other Smartphones may have to download Apps or ROOT it to support the OTG functions.

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