Raw Cables

High Quality and Affordable Raw cable as well as Banana plug


Bare speaker Cables / Wire

Copper Colour – Roma Speaker Cable

Conductor: 2.5 square multi-strand 5NOFC
Conductor copper producing countries : Chile
Insulation: Very Soft PVC imports. Flexible and easy to work on.
Structure: multivessel stranded
Finished Origin: China Taiwan

Description :
Core number of 77 multi-core , this design not only can be used to surround the line, it can also be use for the main speakers are also possible.
Speaker cable core does not mean the more the better, if the core is too thin, it can make the low-frequency no stenght.
COPPER COLOUR has been use in home/movie theater and recordings from the beginning. It know everything about the whole sound. Conductor thickness, structures are based on the characteristics of the material itself specially designed , so ROMA sound speaker wire pure , less conduction loss , high transfer rate .

Line body cross-sectional dimension : 8mm * 3.5mm, very good threading. It can be use in large projects or home. Each 2.5 square thick conductor , so that the power transmission amplifing is there !

COPPER COLOUR materials technology and design to the business world, many countries recognize and Cooperation ( UK, USA , France , Italy , Canada , Australia , Singapore , Thailand , Japan , Brazil )

Selling at $5/meter


Copper Colour – Beter Speaker Cable

Copper Colour Bare Wire - Beter Speaker Cable

Copper Colour Bare Wire – Beter Speaker Cable

Beter high End Speaker Cables
Insulation: PVC imports over software
Structure : Flat -shaped internal structure
Origin : Material origin Chile , a cable Taiwan
Conductor: 99.987 purity oxygen-free copper conductor 3.16 sq.

BETER is a very cost-effective bare speaker wire.
Although only 3.16 square cross-sectional area , but the overall strength is very strong.
Natural mid-high frequency. Great detail, beautiful and sweet sounding on high frequency and full bodie in mid.
BETER out perform the speaker cable of the similar pricing, DIY players can also get the extra cable to do bi-wire to get a better seperation as the pricing is very exconomic.

BETER are use in most theater in China. Mainly due to DD DTA THX often require different channel with equal power
Always recommend get a audiophile grade speaker cable instead of those very cheap cables from any hardware shop. Guarantee sound different and long lasting!

Selling at $9.5/meter (Note the current batch of Better cable come in Blue colour)


MPS – C-200MK3 Classic Speaker cable


C-200MK3 is the new MPS Following persistent efforts to improve the speaker wire after C-200MK2 classic popular selling models in Taiwan. The main core number is upgraded to 330 core up to 15AWG. Not only it inherit the C-200MK2 excellent treble tradition, it also enhance the low frequency. The 330 core of copper wire, wire body more than the other brands sold in the market is soft and smooth and easy to bend.

This is a very affordable classic speaker cable which give a very steady and solid sounding with good bass. Importantly its perform well enough not to give a very sharp tone which some other basis speaker cables  does.


Selling at $6/meter

Ready made C-200MK3 terminate with Shark 0.5 connector are available in length of 2m,   2.5m,   3m  also. Customize length are available upon request for ready made cables.


Banana connector / plug

Copper Colour – Y Connector 2


Total length 43mm, Y connector length 12mm Biggest diameter usage 7.9mm, smallest usage 4.8mm
Double screw for more secure connection. Gold Plated so difficult to oxidation and more luxurious sound

Selling at $8 /pcs
Selling Pack of 8 @$55  (Save $9)


Copper Colour – Banana 7


Made of copper brass material. Banana plug body adopts copper process.  The plug gold-plated surface is a good conductivity material and ability use in high current signal and not easily oxidizes. The copper shell can help to shield external magnetic interference.

Outer diameter 8mm, inner diameter 4mm
Double screw for more secure connection

Selling at $6.5 /pcs
Selling Pack of 8  @$45  (Save $7)


MPS – Shark-1MK2

Shark-1MK2 is the MPS, one of the best-selling products of original graphic design is not only unique in appearance with the beauty than the average in the application that he works for the banana plug to plug the easy-to-shiny 24K gold plated screws back-end. It using double screws to ensure very secure connection.

Block also avoid carrying out the previous generation of vulnerable and easily cover the time of shaking off the shortcomings Material: Brass Color: Red / Blue Maximum diameter: 5mm Approval/Certification: UL, ISO 9001

Selling at $6 /pcs
Selling Pack of 8 @$40  (Save $8)


MPS – Shark-0.5


Banana plug to plug the easy-to-shiny 24K gold plated screws back-end. It using double screws to ensure very secure connection.

Selling at $4.5 /pcs
Selling Pack of 8 @$30  (Save $6)


Heat Shrink


Diameter Size 10/5 (Black only)

Selling at $4 /meter per colour (minimum length to purchase)


Diameter size – 5/2.5  (black / red)

Selling at $2.5 /meter per colour (minimum length to purchase)

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