Guatard Promotion

Gustard DAC-X20Pro – Dual ES9028 Sabre (New Flagship model)


After the very successful X20 using the ES9018, Gustard has finally launch the DAC-X20pro with core chip uses the 2 pcs latest ES9028PRO( left and right channels for each one). Despite the launch of the ES9028, ES9018 was once the flagship DAC chip use in many High End DAC  and audio products in the market are still very widely use. Gustard is one of the pioneer who has come out with High End DAC with ES9028. But not many able to price them under USD1,000.

Production overview
– First use of adaptive technology and asynchronous master clock master clock technology.
– Two clock mode can be freely selected.
– Full interface supports DSD decoding. USB support DSD hardware solution,Coaxial Optical
– AES / EBU support DOP decoding, which can be accessed several
– Broadcast SACD listening to music.
– Full interface supports 24Bit 192khz (USB 32B 384K).
– Using CPLD programmable logic device. MESNAC ES9018.
– 3-speed gain,volume can be adjusted,a total of 100 stalls adjustable
– Volume attenuation from 0 to -99DB.
– USB sub card using XMOS program, PCM up to 32B 384khz, DSD up to DSD256.
– Six kinds of input methods:IIS fiber`BNC coaxial port`
– AES/EBU`USB,through the key switch.
– Adopt TFT LCD display,adjustable contrast
– Power supply with two O-type transformers,digital and analog independent power supply, And the use of discrete components regulation.
– Fully balanced analog line discrete components.Unbalanced RCA output simultaneously.
– Adopt more humane modular XMOS USB daughter card.
– Analog circuit use High-end discrete lines.

Selling at: $1300 $1250


Gustard DAC A20H – Dual AK4497 (New Flagship model)


GUSTARD recently announced a new DAC– A20H, It is the successor of X20 DAC, Gustard have researched DAC for years and developed some good products in very good reputation. A20H is based on dual AK4497 DAC chips which is the latest flagship product from AKM, The DAC is specially optimized for better performance and sound presentation. LPF section is constructed with discrete components at class A working status,It is the biggest advantage than the other DACs on market,The transistors in LPF are matched for original sound.

– Dual AK4497 latest DAC chip from AKM, One for each channel to get better dynamic and pure sound.
– Using CPLD programmable logic chip,Burned with self-own code to manager clock, 2nd PLL digital shapping, DOP decoding, PCM/DSD dop switch etc, It is the foundation of amazing sound presentation
– Headphone amplifier is constructed with discrete components,It works at class A,With balanced and unbalanced output to cover all needs of head-fi
– Original fully balanced circuit from DA to amplifier without any conversion.
– DAC section and headphone section use two 50W toroidal audio power transformer
– LPF section is constructed with discrete components at class A working status,Each stage is carefully optimized.
– A20H can be used as pre-amplifier, Gain is selectable between high and low, Support up to 60 steps analog volume adjustment,With remote control user can turn-off the pre amp function.
– Support DSD high definition audio
– I2S: DSD64/DSD128/DSD256/DSD512
– Spdif/Optical/AES/EBU: DSD64(DOP mode)
– USB: DSD64/DSD128/DSD256 Multiple digital filter for different taste, DSD support Wide BW/Narrow BW, PCM support Short Delay Sharp/Short Delay Slow/Sharp/Slow/Low-dispersion Short Delay Filter/Super Slow.
– USB input is powered with XMOS U8 asynchronous receiver, Support PCM384Khz DSD256
– Adjustable brightness of screen,Low preset setting if no operation after 30 seconds, Auto memory if no operation after 10 seonds, Will load the latest setting when power on next time.
– Fully aluminum enclosure/chassis, Optional sliver and black color

Selling at: $1300 $1250


Gustard DAC-X20 – Dual ES9018 Sabre (Flagship model)


  • Dual ESS Technology Sabre Reference 32bit ES9018 DAC chip,R and L sound Chanel one on each side
  • Automatic adaptation master clock technology and Asynchronous master clock technology Two clock mode can be freely selected.
  • XMOS 32bit USB receiver chip which is best performance asynchronous USB audio solution.
  • CPLD programmable logic device. Soft control ES9018.
  • Three files gain, volume can be adjusted
  • TFT LCD screen, adjustable contrast.
  • Power supply with two O-type transformers, Digital and Analog independent power supply, and use Discrete Components regulation Voltage stabilization.
  • Full balance Discrete components Analog Line. Balance / RCA output simultaneously.
  • Digital Input: balanced Spdif AES/EBU port, RCA, Toslink Optical input and USB,(Key switch)
  • Come with Remote controller
  • Compatible includes 32/64-bit Microsoft Windows XP, WindowsVista, Windows7, Windows8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and other mainstream Windows systems, supports Apple MacOS systems, Linux kernel support system, and is compatible with partial support OTG function of iOS, Android smart devices .

Selling X20u$1250  $1150


Gustard DAC-X12 – ES9018 Sabre

Gustard XMOS ES9018 DAC-X12

  • Digital Input: balanced Spdif AES/EBU port, RCA, Toslink Optical input, USB and IIS support DOP decoding, can be accessed by the number of broadcast SACD listening to music.
  • Analog Output: balanced analog output via XLR port, single ended output via RCA port
  • EESS Technology ES9018 Sabre Reference 32bit chip
  • USB 2.0 interface allows asynchronous playback 1BIT / 2.8224MHz or 5.6448MHz DSD digital signal sampling rate. That is support DSD64 and DSD128. Coaxial Optical AES / EBU support DOP64, SACD playback can be accessed by the number of broadcast music.
  • Maximum support 384KHZ / 32Bit, DSD USB
  • DAC Support sample 24bit 192k

Selling at: $735  $700


Gustard H10 – High End Class A Headphone Amplifier


Class A headphone amplifier with high current current output. For each channel in the amp it has 2 independent amplification circuit. The H10 features two independent amplification circuits for the left and right channels, four gain switches, two RCA inputs, and two balanced XLR inputs..
There are 4 pre-buffer adjustment functions  build in with the amplfier and that mean the amplifier using pre-stage buffer and main amplifier components. By using 4 paris audio power tube output circuit, the H10 could easily drive variety of different impedance headphones.
The Gustard H10 built in with 2pcs 25W transformer and they correspond left and right channels power supply and highly reduce the channel crosstalk.

Selling at  $525   $499 (Out of the box, this amp has scratches behind. Not for fussy buyer)

Popularity – 🙂 🙂


Power Filter

Weiduka AC8.8



1. design takes four American private power outlet and six more power outlet to meet different needs.
2. the use of high-quality, high-purity copper to reduce transmission loss, improve energy supply speed.
3. the professional-grade power outlet, copper sheets thick, elastic, good contact, effectively reduce the shock of current reflection and losses. This is an important guarantee of good sound quality, ad hoc voltage LCD digital display table.
4. the use of high-quality capacitor filter, music has a good permeability, sound field.
5. the replaceable-power cable, at any time you can upgrade by his own personality.
6. with lightning and over current protection, practical security.

it has 10 ports – (6 Universal + 4 US ) Filter

Selling at $145 $130

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂


UK Made – Tisbury Audio mini Passive Preamplifier (new arrival)


A simple line controller with audiophile acclaimed sound quality. Use it to switch between multiple sources, connect multiple amps, control active speakers or add outputs for a subwoofer, headphone amp or just about any line-level device.

Key feature:

  • SMD Stepped Attenuator (1% tolerance thin film SMD resistors, ±0.25 dB channel balance at all levels, gold plated contacts)
  • New Look, More Inputs and Outputs (3 inputs, 2 configurable outputs)
  • Selectable Fixed Attenuation (0 dB, -10 dB, -20 dB. Set by switches on base)
  • Configurable Outputs (Variable – level set by volume control and Variable or Loop. Set by switches on base)
  • Input Impedance: 10 kOhms
  • Output Impedance (at full volume): 0 Ohms
  • Power Supply: None (it’s passive!)
  • Handmade in UK (Handmade American black walnut facia and anodised aluminium body, laser engraved markings)

Selling at  $355    $320 (Due to the Pound has fluctuated alot recently due to Briexit, I am try to match closer their retail price. Take note my this batch are bought before the Briexit)

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂

Headphone Stand Promotion (while stock last)

Royal Glam – Handmade Solid Wood Stand

Tired of seeing too many Omega type of wood stand selling in market and with varies pricing? Worried your expensive headphone band will stretch while placing on top of it over the time? No real solid wood feel and smell but only the veneer feel

Royal Glam Handmade Real Solid Wood Stand Carved from solid black walnut and applied lays of Germany OSMO to wax the wood. The WoodLab Royal Glam stand puts your headphones on full display while eliminating cable clutter on your desk. Narrower than the human head even at its widest point, the whale-shaped design allows your cans to rest snugly without adding extra tension— so the headband won’t stretch out over time. It’s large and sturdy enough to fit virtually all models, but maintains a relatively small footprint. Choose the classic all-walnut version, or opt for a contrasting stripe of ash.

– Come in Black walnut and Black Walnut with ash
– Dimensions: 4.7 x 3 x 10.2 in (12 x 7.5 x 26 cm)
– Footprint: 4.7 x 2.9 in (12 x 7.4 cm)
– Curve at widest point: 4.4 in (11.2 cm)
– Curve at narrowest point: 1.2 in (3 cm)
– Weight: 1.9 lb (0.9 kg)

Selling @$99 $55/pcs (Introduction Promotion. While Stock last). (Come with no box).

I can give further discount for buying 3 pcs and above . You will not be able to see this price again once this batch is finish. Now even selling much cheaper then MASS DROP

Note: The stand are carved directly from the real wood and the nature of the wood may not be perfectly line as well as the colour tone will be different from the picture and from stand to stand. Some patch works may have been perform by the supplier. The stand not for fussy or perfectionist buyers. Honestly I see the natural flaw of the wood a much more like a real wood with ‘artistic’ feel. You may not want to have something is too perfect either.


Xiang Sheng Festival Promotion

Xiang Sheng DA-05A – Dual PCM1794 (new model)

Xiang Sheng DA-05A Dual PCM1794 with Balance out

Xiang Sheng DA-05A Dual PCM1794 with Balance out

  • Using the famous TE8802L as USB chip (TE8802L is a upgrade version from TE7022) which can support 24bit/192K. It is an Asynchronous
  • USB part adopts IIS  output signal from TE8802L,  through PCM1794A decoding, not TE8802Ls  Spdif signal, because the Spdif signal should though CS8416 chip, then enter PCM1794A , thus  will increase the jitter value, lose the advantage of asynchronous,  also cannot play out the advantage of TE8802L.
  • PCM1794 as decoding part,and with the TI’s Mono mode, can provide more dynamic and wider frequency response.
  • Using 9 OPA2604 for op-amps which made by Korea,and with gold coated RCA connectors and coaxial connector.
  • 5 digital signal input switching : AES balance output ,BNC, coaxial , fiber optic , USB
  • 2 Output Level :balance output: 9V unbalance output:2V
  • LED display on the sampling rate
  • ALL resistors and capacitors are audiophile grade

Selling at $455 $399 (while stock last)
Currently available in Black / Silver


Xiang Sheng – DA-03A

  • Using PCM 1794 + CS8416+OPA2604
  • USB, OPT, BNC, COA input
  • Tube and Transistor output
  • USB – TE7022 or XMOS U8 (Asynchronous)
  • Tube use – GE5670
  • Support 32kHz-192kHz
  • Support 16bit-24bit
  • Built in Power unit

Selling at:
a) $300 $275 (with TE7022 USB) (while stock last)
b) $320 $295 (with XMOS U8 USB) (while stock last)
Currently available in Black / Silver


Miu Audio Promotion

Miu Audio iH2 – Tube Portable Headphone Amplifier (New arrival)

The circuitry is carefully design the in order to make the smallest casing but still provide an audiophile quality tube headphone amplifier for the market.Very very small in size and Elegant looking Tube Portable amplifier. A decent Tube portable amplifier easily cost over $1000.  Nice sounding especially it comes with a Jan Philips JAN6111WA Tube. This is an improve version 2 from the previous version

  • Vacuum Tube: Philips JAN6111WA
  • Compact size with built-in re-chargable 2200MHA Lithium battery.
  • Super silent circuitary
  • Audiophile-graded parts and components
  • Sound field selector for different music enjoyment
  • Pack inside a Elegant Piano Finish Wooden Box

Selling at $699  $659

Currently available in Blue / Red


Miu Audio MKTP-1 – mini Pre-amp with Headphone amp + MKFP-1 mini power filter

mktp1 n filter_b mktp1 n filter_a

Tubed preamplifier with headphone amplifier. With its fashionable iridescent color design and very small dimensions, the MKTP-1 is one of the world’s smallest and most beautiful pre-amplifiers! It a prefect match with the MKFP-1 mini power filter

MKFP-1 is a very powerful accessory for our mini series. This power filter provide a two way DC output, which can nicely provide power for the mini amplifier and pre-amplifier. MKFP-1 is not just a power DA, the specially designed circuitry and internal components process the power such that the amplifiers can perform in much higher efficiency and better bass quality is the result.

MKTP1 Spec:

  • Only 65mm x 25mm x 98mm.
  • Front panel jacks for headphones and iPod/iPhone/MP3 inputs.
  • Rear panel connections for power amplifiers, as well as rear panel line level input for CD.
  • Ideal complement for headphones, iPods, MP3 players and more. Can be used with powered speakers for a complete system. Perfect for obtaining better sound from your PC.
  • Spectacular audio performance!
  • using 6922EH Pre-amp Tube

*Supports opamp rolling
*Supports two major tube series:
(1) 6DJ8, 6922, 6N11, 6H23n, ECC88, E88CC, etc., and
(2) 12AU7, 5963, 5814, ECC82, etc

MKFP-1 Spec:

  • Minimum Input Power: +5V
  • Maximum Input Power: +13.6V
  • Input Connecto: 2.1mm power jacks
  • Output Connector: 2 x 2.1mm power jacks
  • Maximum Output Powe; +13.6V 4A
  • Dimensions :(W)67mm x (H)27mm x (D)118mm

Selling at  $160 + $130 = $290  $270 (1 set only)

Currently available in Orange / Blue


Miu Audio Model 302 – Vacuum Tube Amp

Model 302k

Model 302 is an vacuum tube amplifier. To provide stereo 6 Watts power output, six pieces of vacuum tubes are used. Suitable to use in room environment or drive high efficient speakers.

Power Output: 6 Watt x 2
Vacuum Tubes: 6N3 x 2 (upgrade with GE5670 tube) , 6P1 x 4 (upgrade with Soviet 6n1n-EB long life tube)

This item was an OEM model for a famous Japanese brand. I strongly recommend Model 302 to any new vacuum tube user and this rate will not be seen again if stock finished.

Selling at $459   $399 (clearing stock)

Popularity –  🙂


SMSL Promotion

SMSL VMV VA2 Headphone Amplifier


VA2 mini is high quality portable headphone amplifier.It is the design for hi-fi application through state-of -the -art circuit.only one external adapter just working.

If you have both low and high impedance headphones and are looking for an amp that handles both, the SMSL VMV VA2 might be just the ticket. With two different power outputs that cover the range of 32 to 600 ohms, the VMV VA2 delivers solid performance in a compact and aesthetically pleasing form factor.

Simple and Efficient
The VMV VA2 offers a no frills design, with 1/4″ outputs and a volume knob on the front, and a power switch, plug and RCA inputs to connect to your DAC on the back.  The low impedance output pairs exceedingly well with IEMs, giving you a black background without hiss or noise. Count on the high impedance output to drive higher impedance headphones like the HD 600 with authority. Finished with a CNC machined solid aluminum chassis, the VMV VA2 offers a price-to-value point that’s hard to beat.

High-impedance Power:
>120 mW at 600ohm
>250 mW at 300ohm
>580 mW at 100ohm
>330mW at 32ohm
Low-impedance power:
>120mW at 100ohm
>75mW at 32ohm

Selling at $185  $165 (last 2 set)



VMV Magic_2

MAGIC USB DAC is a high quality PC-USB DAC (External sound card) for hi-fi

  • Using CM6631A and AK4390 chip
  • USB (2.0) asynchronous (asynchronous) transmission
  • support up to 32bits/192kps
  • Supports ASIO, WASAPI and other drivers
  • power by USB port from PC/Laptop for input
  • Coaxial & linear output (RCA)
  • Support on Andriod OTG function

Selling at $190  $175 (last set)

Currently available in Black


Other Promotion

Racoon SG-100

Strong thrust, easily drive all headphones. Provide a high level audio resolving power and give a very sweet and warm sounding that will let you enjoy this little amp alot.

  •  NXP TFA9815T high-efficiency Class D digital power chip supporting up to 25W*2 output power.
  • TE7022L USB support 24bit/96kHz, using an CS4398 DAC chip to decode.
  • TPA6120A2 Headphone-AMP support impedance range from 8-1000 ohm
  • Built in Power supply

Selling at $165  $150
Currently available in Black / Silver

Popularity – 🙂


Miridiy G3 – Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-amp


Miridiy Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-Amplifier
It is a high value and cute headphone amplifier hook up to your PC / Mp3 /MP4/ ipod / any stereo device. You can have a  powerful, dynamic and sweet TUBE SOUND from your headphone ! You’ll be astounded at the improvement in sound quality, dynamic range, meticulous transparency, completely demonstrate its high performance and analytical ability, it can also connect with power amplifier such as a high performance pre amplifier to improve your Hi Fi system.

It a prefect match with the mini power amp Miu Audio MKP-1 as well as to all other mini integrated amplifier of your choice. Pre-amp helps to give extra gain to the power of your amplifier should you think their power is not enough

Pure Class A  Headphone Amplifier & Pre Amplifier
Hybrid ! Valve & MOS-FET in Use!!
Without any OP amp IC inside!!!
Audiophile Performance Design Absolutely!!!

G3, it has improve from last version which was OEM to Indeed-Hi Fi (G2 Valve Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-Amplifier). And alot of copy and similar product following them, so they are also keep a distance with our technical skill.We have modified to generation III now, so that we call it G3.

Easy to change the tubes with jumper on PCB (bias adjust is necessary), 6 series for 6DJ8/6922/ECC88/6N11/6N23P; 12 series for ECC82/12AU7/12AT7/6N4……

Selling at  $150 $135 (standard EH6922 tube),   $165  $150 (with Gold EH6922 tube)


Bada HD-19 Tube CD player

Bada HD-19 Tube CDP

Bada HD-19 Tube CDP

Like its older sibling, the Bada HD-22, the HD-19 delivers audiophile HDCD performance. But this time Bada delivers the quality at a competitive price point that will definitely surprise you.

The elegant design of the HD-19 uses proven high-quality Sony laser optics and the same Phillips servo circuitry as found in the HD-22. Digital to analog (DAC) conversion is through a 96 kHz 24 bit Burr-Brown PCM1732 respected chipset manufacturer is coupled to an audiophile grade 6N3/5670 output tube or, if you prefer, an OP AMP buffer.
Dynamic and Clean Performance

If audiophile performance alone isn’t enough, the HD-19 offers both tube and solid state outputs, coaxial digital outputs and the same remote control that the Bada HD-22 uses.

Selling @ $759 $700
Come with Silver / Gold


Copper Colour – Penny (芬尼) IV Power Cable (black)


– 99.998% 4N OFC copper from Austrialia
– PE/PVC insulation, tin film shielding
– Imported nylon finish
– US type
– COPPER COLOUR  HIFI-class American standard freeze plug tail Purple copper .

Supplier wrongly send the cable with China pin. So selling cheap to clear. The china pin still usable on power filter / distributor with Universal socket and of course with china socket.

Only limited pcs to clear

Selling at a pcs  1m ($65) ($40) ,   1.5m ($80) ($55)


BlackRat Cable (RCA)

Hi-End  signal cable which guarantees an evident sound stage depth together with very open and extended low-mid frequencies.

BlackRat Coaxial Cable

Selling  at a pair  1m ($130)  $100,    1.5m ($145)  $115


High Quality 1.4 HDMI Cables Clearance sales

2M  High Quality HDMI Cables  – Silver shell / Purple shell with led – Selling at $10  $5   🙂

HDMI purple with LED HDMI led 1

HT-1045-G - HDMI Cable no led

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