LongYu LY-202-8 Power Conditioner

LY-202-8 Features:
Specifically design for small and medium size audio/video equipment (with price range from SGD6,000 – SGD 13,000) to enhance the sound quality.
Best used on Tube equipment as you can distinguish the different more clearly.
Housing is made of fine aluminum made good magnetic, moisture, pollution, heat dissipation characteristics

In addition to better sound quality than for the video: clarity, transparency, depth of field, color brightness, improved uniformity of color TV image and improve respect will make you wonder!

Sound characteristic: Balance the texture of the sounding and improve the 3-dimension with fullness and clarity

Operating voltage: AC220V / 110V.
Working current: 15A.
Rated power: 3.3KW. Maximum power: 4.4KW
Power Frequency: 400 multiplier. (Ie 50HZ * 400 = 20KHZ frequency multiplier width).
Dielectric strength: The DC 1500V / 5 minutes without breakdown test assessment. Products through national “CQC” \ ISO9000 \ 2000 certification, safe and reliable.
Life: more than a decade.
Configuration: special opening mold 0.8MM thick high elastic phosphor bronze reed special plated 18K gold Six universal socket electromagnetic isolation output, plug 5000 to ensure good contact.
Size: 6(D)X7(H) (X37(L) (cm)

1, all kinds of medical diagnostic displays the power supply system
2, various stage sound and lighting control devices in the power supply system
3, cable radio, television, recording, filming of the power supply system
4, industrial automation and control equipment supply system
5, radio station, television studio, recording the power supply system
6, various military and civilian radio communications equipment power supply system
7, police signaling equipment of the power supply system
8, switching power supply, variable frequency power supply system
9, various household appliances of the power supply system
10, large-scale mining equipment phase four-wire power supply system
11, on various occasions charging device system
12, a variety of large-scale Internet cafes power system

Product Features:
1 To improve the sound device performance
2. Adjust clean power, extend the electrical life
3. The battery charging energy booster
4. To improve the video device performance
5. Stable power supply buffer to protect
6 Prevents the computer hardware conflict crash
7. 8 nanosecond accelerator power, DC power purifier
9. dynamic green energy “by 10%

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