Bada SF-801 Power Filter

SF-801_a1 SF-801_b1

Introduction :

SF-801 develops a precise LC filter network, which could filter the undesirable harmonic interferences effectively and minimize them, to create a better working environment for your audio system in achieving an excellent and satisfactory listening experience .

SF-801, this version has being created in adopting high-grade parts: high -quality CBB capacitors, patent single-crystal copper wires, heavy current filter inductors, high quality sockets, etc. Our designer finishing the circuit design in trails and striving to minimize losses .

The filter has lightning prevention and real-time voltage monitoring function, better security for your devices.

Technical Specifications:
Voltage : ~ 110V-240V
Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
Maximum current: 15A
Dimension: 345mm*130mm*100mm
Weight: 3.5KG

10 ports – (6 Universal + 2 US ) Filter + 2 Universal Direct

For your safety :
1 : The power plant must be connected to a wall socket with a functioning ground line to maximize the line filter’s benefits.
2 : The power plant should keep away from water or humid areas.
3 : Maximum current is 15A, please mind the overload to avoid danger.
4 : Ensure that all the electrical equipments connected to are off before turning off the power plant.

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