Bada LB-5510 Power Filter

LB5510 Hi-Fi Dual Channel High Grade Power Filter

With the rapid growth of the technology, domestic digital equipment boost to make people’s life more convenient and congenial, which also brought impulsive noise to the power grid. As more high grade hi-fi system more sensitive to the adverse effect, high grade power filter committed to combat the clutter which is an irrefutable resolution. Bada LB5510 is designed to filter the undesirable harmonic interference effectively and minimize them, to create a better working environment for your audio system in achieving an excellent and satisfactory listening experience. It is also favorable and reliable in applying with the home AV system, computer or instrument etc. which would be your safety and stability choice.

1. Dual channel design. Each channel has its own power switch and filtering circuit , which works independently. Suggest to use one channel for pre-amp and sound sources, the other one for power-amp. Or one channel for audio, the other one for video.
2.  Current path and max filtering coil cross-sectional. High quality high purity copper wire, minimizes the transmission attrition and improves the energy supplement speed.
3. The High quality inductor and favorable WIMA capacitor binding filtering network, abates the impulsive noise.
4. Professional specific power socket, with thick copper sheet of good flexibility, tight contact, safe and durable.
5. Replaceable input power cable is favor to your customized upgrade
6. Lightning prevention and over-current protection settings, better security for your devices.
7. Internal wiring is our patented five star single-crystal copper wire to achieve more fluent current transmission, better high frequency characteristics, richer details, sweeter timbre, wider sound field.
8. 1X USB power charger (unfiltered), output D.C. 5V, Max. C. 2A
9. Aluminum alloy case, handsome and stylish
10. 10 ports (6 Universal + 4 US )8 filter + 2 Direct

Power Supply :
AC110V(± 10%)/220V(±10%) 60Hz/50Hz
Maximum carrying power : 3000W
Maximum electricity : 15A
Size : 135 x110 x363 (WxHxD)
Shipment weight : 3kg

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