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NEW VMV SMSL MAGIC CM6631A AK4390 32bit/192kHz ASIO Sound Card USB DAC

MAGIC USB DAC is a high quality PC-USB DAC(External sound card) for hi-fi.It is the design of the portable,use the compauter to give it power supply is very convenient.All components are imported and good audio purpose.Overall,well-designed.

1, computer usb powered directly.
2, built-in patented power supply module.
3, USB (2.0) asynchronous (asyncrhonous) transmission.
4, coaxial & linear output (RCA).
5, the dedicated driver.
6, easy to carry.
7, fever active crystal.
8, SPDIF output using transformer isolation, better compatibility
9 CNC machined solid aluminum casing.

Technical Specification:
USB stage:
OS Support:Win XP/ Win 7/Win 8( 32bit or 64 bit );
Spport with Driver Mac or Linux without Driver.
Win Driver Support: ASIO 2.2 Support
WASAPI Event(Callback) and Push(Driven)Support
WDM Support
Bet Depth:Up to 32bit resolution
Sample Rate:44.1k/88.2k/176.4k/48k/96k/192k support
power supply:usb powered

SPDIF output:
Bit Depth:Up to 24bit resolution
Sample Rate:44.1k/88.2k/176.4k/48k/96k/192k support
Analog output:10HZ-20HZ BW UN -weight

Accesories:drive disc/manual/USB cable
poer models:PC -USB direct power supply
Machine Dimensions:72*138*21mm

Recommend foobar2000 Player:
1: download the full version foobar2000 install foobar2000, then install wasapi and asio plug
2: Download wasapi plug
3: Download asio plug the USB converter
CM6631A due to high transmission efficiency, we recommend using the Original USB cable and recommended to use a dual-core CPU, single-core CPU has encountered an occasional lack of resources Caton phenomenon occurs this product must be installed in order to run driver, I provide a deep development drive.

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