Topping NX5 Portable Amplifier

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AD8610+BUF634 high performance combination
Every sound channel of Topping NX5 use low noise HIFI Operational amplifier AD8610 of American ADI as Signal amplifier.
Every channel use one piece of BUF634 as output buffer of output circuit.
The Lowest THD can be 0.00062%(1kHz,300ohm,50mW,Gain=H).

Whole Aluminum case
It will be through 51 crafts from raw Aluminum to finished case.
Your fingerprint will not be left on it when you touch it.

NX5 has a switch for choosing low gain and high gain.
It has also bass choice.

Low battery alert
When low battery,the light of NX5 will be red,so you need charge the NX3,you can also keep using it
for 20 minutes when the light is red.

The battery indicator light:
0-50% is red.
50-99% is orange
100% is green.

NX5 use Germany WIMA HIFI capacitor,Japanese ALPS potentiometer,Gold-plated units.

Built-in 2400mAh battery,it can work for 30 hours.

Dual Channel intelligent charge(Topping’s patent)
NX5 can can match 0.5A and 1A channel automatically.
When you use 1A,you can fulfill the NX5 within 4 hours.

Micro USB port.
You can charge NX5 via Micro USB port of Andriod phone charger,power bank and computer.

CE,FCC,RoHS cetificate.

Analogue audio input port: 1*3.5mm
Headphone input port: 1*3.5mm
Full battery woking hours: 30hours
Output Power:
292mW (RL=16Ω,THD+N=1%)
285mW (RL=32Ω,THD+N=1%)
193mW (RL=64Ω,THD+N=1%)
95mW (RL=150Ω,THD+N=1%)
51mW (RL=300Ω,THD+N=1%)
26mW (RL=600Ω,THD+N=1%)
Voltage range:11.1Vpp
Input sensitivity:
Frequency Response: 10Hz-200KHz
Suitable Headphone Impedance: 16-300Ω
Min THD+N:0.0004%(RL=300Ω,Gain=L Pout=40mW)

1*NX5 unit
1*audio cable
2*silicone rope
1*silicone gasket
1*user manual
1*warranty card

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