Topping NX1A Portable Amplifier

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The Topping NX1A (NX1 upgraded version) has been designed for MP3/MP4/mobile phone/computer that can not get best effect of high impedance from the headset due to the low power.

NX1A keep same circuit and component of NX1 to keep a same sound. But after modifing other part to save power, NX1A’s playback time up to 150h, that’s 50% improvement of NX1. It takes less than 3 hour to fully charge the battery. Even 5 minutes charge could provide 10 hour playback.

Its USB charging port has been enhance to be able to use standard Micro Usb cable for charging

Product Description

* 0.000015% Distortion
* Splendid combination of Amplifier
* The topping NX1A use high performance chips, designed by TI CO,Ltd which is for audio
* amplification and can bead to reach the extreme distortion degree index of 0.000015% almost zero distortion.

Classical designed circuit
* Op-amp circuit still adopted the mature classic op-amp +buffer design.
* The best balance between high quality and reliable lasting dyrability.
* high frequency low resistance capacitance, very low loss and resistance
* NX1A voice is as brilliant as Steinway piano which is with 50 years history.

Innovation Power Supply Design
* USB intelligent charging.
* 1000mAh large-capacity lithium polymer battery makes the battery life can reach max 150 hours
* Full play to the op-amp and guarantee the good performance.
* Drive high impedance headphones with enough dynamic level range.
* Can adapt to the charge output of computer USB port and variety of Plugs.
* Automatically adjust the suitable charging current.

Humanized Function Indicators
* With Power LED & Charge LED indicator.
* The overall thickness less than 13mm.
* Upgrade with gain control and bass boots functions to perfectly match with different resistance and sensitivity headphones.


Analog input 1 x 3.5mm
Headphone output 1 x 3.5mm
Playback time Approx 150 hours
Net weight Approx 93g (unit only)
Dimensions Approx 9CM x 5.8CM x 1.35CM
Includes 1 x NX1A
1 x Audio cable
1 x USB charge cable
2 x Silicone band
5 x Velcro
1 x User’s manual
Suitable Headphone Impedance 16-300Ω
Maximum output power 100mW (RL=32Ω, THD+N=1%)
Maximum output voltage swing 8.2Vpp
Minimum THD+N 0.001% (RL=150Ω, Pout=10mW)
THD+N(@1kHz) 0.009% (RL=150Ω, Pout=10mW)
Frequency response 20-20kHz±0.2dB
Input sensitivity 1.55Vrms (GAIN=L); 0.52Vrms (GAIN=H)
Noise <10μV
Gain(@1kHz) +6dB (GAIN=L); +15dB (GAIN=H)
SNR 105dB