Portable Headphone Amp HiFi Bass Amplifier

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SAP-5 is an upgraded version for SAP-4S.
sAp-5 portable headphone amplifier (amp) is for mobile phones, computers, ipad, MP3, MP4 and other equipment due to the output power or output current is too small, not enough to play a performance in a high-impedance headphones fever and professional design. sAp-5 performance headset lets you play as much as possible.
SAP-5 using replaceable Nokia Battery BL-5C, ease of replacing if battery start to get weak
SAP-5 has two kinds of zoom straight and Bass Boost mode. Your headphones or your favorite bass bass is weak, then the SAP-5 is your best choice. Bass Boost channel is eliminated ordinary RC filter circuit using a dedicated bass chip design, the sense of hearing more real, more superior anti-jamming performance, ensure high quality sound reproduction.
W4 signal line audio fever profession recognized Japanese Oyaide single crystal copper wire processing, reduce the loss of signal transmission, protection of sound reproduction.

Max output power:150mW(16O),16mW(300O)
Distortion: <0.01%(10mW)
headphone impedance:16O~300O
Frequency Response:10Hz-48KHz
USB power supply port:DC5V  =500mA
Battery run time: 40+ hours
Size:87 X 58.5 X 9.6mm
case material:Aluminum


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