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Miu Audio iH2 – Tube Portable Headphone Amplifier

Miu Audio Tube Portable HeadPhone Amp

The circuitry is carefully design the in order to make the smallest casing but still provide an audiophile quality tube headphone amplifier for the market.Very very small in size and Elegant looking Tube Portable amplifier. A decent Tube portable amplifier easily cost over $1000.  Nice sounding especially it comes with a Jan Philips JAN6111WA Tube. This is an improve version 2 from the previous version

  • Vacuum Tube: Philips JAN6111WA
  • Compact size with built-in re-chargable 2200MHA Lithium battery.
  • Super silent circuitary
  • Audiophile-graded parts and components
  • Sound field selector for different music enjoyment
  • Pack inside a Elegant Piano Finish Wooden Box

Selling at $699

Currently available in Blue / Red

Popularity – 🙂


Cayin C5 

Cayin C5 Portable Amp

Very nice and warm 3 Dimension sounding and yet powerful enough to drive nearly all kind of headphone with ease. Very well review in man forum and audiophile.

– Low noise and driving strong
– Touched the heart of the new design
– High and low gain, bass switch design
– Rated output power: 800mW + 800mW (32 ohm load)
– Life time: about 12 hours (32ohm load)
– Charging time: about 4 hours (off state, the use of DC5V / 2A charger)
– Lithium battery capacity: 1000mAh / 11.1V

1 dedicated high-performance audio op amp OPA134 and LME49600 buffercomposed of dedicated headphone amplifier, low noise, driving strong.
2 Japanese original ALPS volume potentiometer, durable and reliable, to ensure quality.
3 built-perfect protection circuit, with the midpoint of drift, switch machinenoise cancellation function, the outputusing relay protection,full protection of the amplifier and headphones.
4 can be used as a mobile power source to charge other mobile devices.
5 aluminum shell, effectively shielding interference.
6. subjective listening experience

See the REVIEW Here

Selling at $220

Popularity –


Topping NX5  (New model)


AD8610+BUF634 high performance combination
Every sound channel of Topping NX5 use low noise HIFI Operational amplifier AD8610 of American ADI as Signal amplifier.
Every channel use one piece of BUF634 as output buffer of output circuit.

  • Mega bass
  • low Battery LED alert
  • USB intelligent Charging
  • 2400mAh large-capacity battery
  • 30hr playback time
  • Come in Black/Silver Color

Selling at $170

Popularity – 🙂

Topping NX3  (New model)

Following the very popular NX1 portable amplifier, Topping launch another value for money portable amplifier NX3.

  • TI TPA6120A2 amplifier chip
  • OP Amp – OPA2134
  • Mega bass
  • low Battery LED reminder
  • USB intelligent Charging
  • 2400mAh large-capacity battery
  • 25hr playback time
  • Come in Black/Silver Color

Selling at $110

See the Review here

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂


Topping NX1A (new model)


The Topping NX1A (NX1 upgraded version) has been designed for MP3/MP4/mobile phone/computer that can not get best effect of high impedance from the headset due to the low power.

NX1A keep same circuit and component of NX1 to keep a same sound. But after modifying other part to save power, NX1A’s playback time up to 150h, that’s 50% improvement of NX1. It takes less than 3 hour to fully charge the battery. Even 5 minutes charge could provide 10 hour playback.

Its USB charging port has been enhance to be able to use standard Micro Usb cable for charging

  • 100mW*2 output power.
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery, approx 150 hours playback time.
  • Selectable gain (H & L)
  • Use high quality components to get better performance. WIMA capacitance, EPCOS capacitance and ALPS potentiometer
  • Small size

Selling at $75

Popularity – 🙂 🙂 🙂


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