Musical Paradise MP-P1 Tube Phono Preamp

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Vinyl records are booming. More and more music lovers play analog vinyl records again. A high quality phono preamp is essential to extract the enormous sonic information on vinyl records. To achieve this goal, we spent extensive amount of time on research and development, testing, fine tuning to final assembly. We are glad to announce that the amazing MP-P1 tube phono preamp is ready for order.

There are many kinds of phono preamps in the market, but most of them employ low cost integrated operational amplifier (OPAMP). They are based on feedback loop circuit which does not sound quite natural or musical. To design a most natural analog sounding phono preamp, we employ high quality Toshiba Audio JFET transistors and 12AX7 vacuum tubes, and use single ended Class A, zero negative feedback hybrid circuit for amplification and passive RIAA network for equalization.

It presents a thicker and warmer midrange, huge sound stage, excellent high and low frequencies extensions, natural and musical sonic performance to the audience.

Here are some highlights about it:

1. Passive RIAA network and zero global negative feedback design to provide extremely natural and musical listening experience.

2. Four 12AX7 tubes running at Class A mode for the MM amplification section.

3. Toshiba 2SK170 HiFi Jfet is employed for the MC to MM step-up section.

4. MC section can be optionally powered by external 12-24V battery supply (sold separately).

5. US military grade Dale resistors; high grade Rybycon, Nichicon, Panasonic capacitors.

6. Obligato Gold coupling capacitors.

7. Z11/M6 high grade EI transformer and chokes.

8. Gold plated PCB.

9. Gold Plated connectors.

  Technical Specs 


MM 49dB, MC 78dB


<0.1% (Open Loop)

Input Impedance

MM Settings: 47K

MC Settings: 30ohm, 40ohm, 50ohm, 67ohm, 75ohm, 86ohm, 200ohm, 300ohm, 600ohm

Power Requirements

AC 110V, 120V, 220V, 240V 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption



Width 355mm Height 105mm Depth 300mm


8kg (net), 9kg (gross)

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