Racoon SG-300

24Bit / 96KHz USB Decoder Tube Headphone Amplifier

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The new Racoon SG-300 is a high quality USB DAC/Headphone amplifier/tube buffer. This design allows the tube to be active regardless of which input is in use. The result is great tube sound from your iDevice, Android device, any MP3 player, CD or DVD etc. using the RCA inputs, and from your computer using the USB input. Additionally, the signal from both the USB and RCA inputs is available from the RCA out jacks for use as a pre-amplifier or tube buffer.
This amplifier has huge headroom and will easily power virtually any headphones with ease.The included premium PSVANE 12AT7-T tube provides exceptional detail, superb vocals, smooth deep bass and a well balanced sound stage.
We feel the SG-300 provides the best sound quality and functionality of any similar product in this price range.

Beside using as headphone amp, it a prefect match with the mini power amp Miu Audio MKP-1

– Built-in high performance 24bit/96kHz USB DAC
PSVANE 12AT7-T premium quality tube included. For those who don’t know, Psvane is actually marketed as a premier tube brand from Shuguang. One Psvane 12AT7 tube price usually pretty high
– Startup and shutdown time delay circuit protection
– 6.5mm (1/4”)  headphone output for high impedance headphones
– 3.5mm (1/8”)  headphone for low impedance headphones
– Will drive 2 pair of headphones simultaneously
– RCA out for use as a preamp to amplifier or active speakers. (NOTE: Can also be used to power smaller passive speakers)
– 24 bit/96kHz decoding
– Supports tube rolling (12AT7, ECC81, 6201, GT-12AT7, 6C22D etc. etc. )
– USB or RCA line-in selection from front panel
– High quality components include Alps, WIMA, NOVER etc.
– Gold plated RCA jacks
– Tube is active from the RCA input as well as the USB input
– Will support headphones from 8 – 1000 ohm impedence

– Inputs: USB and RCA
– Outputs: 6.5mm and 3.5mm headphone out, RCA stereo out
– Decoder Chip: Cirrus Logic CS4398
– D/A Conversion Chip: Tenor TE7022L
– Decoder Input Impedance:15K ohms
– Output Impedance: 10 ohms
– Amplifier: TI TPA6120A2
– Output Power: 100mW to 2.7W
– Input Sensitivity: 400mV ± 50mV
– Headphone Impedance Range: 8 – 1000 ohms
– Volume Control: Alps
– Frequency Response:
– 9HZ-160KHz (-3dB)
– 30Hz-30kHz (-0dB)
– SNR (Typical):> = 90dB
– THD + N, 1kHz: <0.3%, 100mW into 25 ohms
– SMPTE IMD (intermodulation distortion): <0.3%, 100mW into 25 ohms
– Interchannel Crosstalk: >55dB, 1kHz
– Net Weight: 0.5kg
– Dimensions: L104mm * H 62mm x W92mm
– Power Adapter: 220VAC to 12VAC included


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