Musical Paradise MP-701 6SN7 Tubes Pre-amp

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Musical Paradise offer this new MP-701 6SN7 tubes  pre- amplifier as an add-on upgrade to their existing product range. It can work with existing Musical Paradise integrated amps and the new flagship MP-702 mono blocks power amps. MP-701 help to improves sonic details, dynamic and imaging.

Roll-able tubes and capacitors:
a) Tubes: 4 x 6SN7
                    1 x 6Z5P (Stock 6.3V Rectifier), 1 x 5AR4 (Optional 5V Rectifier)

b) Coupling Capacitors: 2x Obbligato Gold 0.33uF (User Changeable)
                                                 2x Obbligato Gold 2.2uF (User Changeable)

– 3X RCA input, 2X RCA output
– Circuit: Class A Triode
– Output: 15V maximum
– Gain:20dB
– Input Impedance:100K
– Output Impedance: 1K (Lowest)
– Frequency Response: 10 Hz to 50KHz
– TH: <0.5%
– Remote: IR Volume Remote Control
– Power Transformer(s): 150W Toroidal
– Resistors: 1% Dale Military Metal Film
– AC Power Requirements: 120/240 VAC @ 50/60 Hz (Switchable)
– Power Consumption:60W
– Break-In Time:100 hours of music playing time
– Finish: Silver chassis with silver aluminum faceplate
– Weight: 10KG
– Dimensions:13.5CM H x 31CM W x 37CM D


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