Musical Paradise MP-701 Tubes Pre-amp

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Why do you need a pre-amplifier? A good pre-amplifier is not only used to control volume, but also improves sonic details, dynamic range and imaging. MP-701 can work with both integrated and power amplifiers.

Low distortion three stages amplification circuit with user changeable gain settings. No negative feedback.
Power Supply:
150W toroidal transformer provides sufficient redundancy to support most critical current requirement. It is magnet shielded in the compartment underneath the motherboard. Rectifier tube and high grade filtering caps are employed.
MP-701 is powered by 4x 12AU7 signal tubes and 1x 6X5 (6Z5P) rectifier tube. MP-701 can also support 5AR4 and GZ34 rectifier tube, E80CC and 12BH7 signal tubes.
Coupling Caps
MP-701 is the first pre amplifier in the world with user changeable coupling capacitors. No soldering is required! You own the freedom to select the tubes and caps. It comes with Obbligato Gold coupliing caps.
The chassis is built with aluminum alloy face plate and steel body. knobs, tube protection rings and buttons are made with solid aluminum alloy. The simplicity of front panel design allows you get used to it in minutes.
Remote Volume Control
Comes with stylish slim remote. Motorized ALPS analog volume potentiometer.

•Output voltage – 6V Max depending on gain settings.
•Signal tubes – 12AU7 (stock), 12BH7, E80CC
•Rectifier tubes – 6.3V series: 6Z5P (stock), 6X5.
5V series: 5AR4, GZ34.

Frequency Response: DC to 50khz
Output:Two pairs of single-ended RCA, can connect sub-woofer.
Input: Three pairs of single-ended RCA, can connect up to three sources.
Dimensions:W 31cm x D 39cm x H 14.5cm
Gross Weight: 13 kg


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