MiriDIY G3 Class A Headphone/Pre-Amp

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Miridiy Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-Amplifier
It is a high value and cute headphone amplifier hook up to your PC / Mp3 /MP4/ ipod / any stereo device. You can have a  powerful, dynamic and sweet TUBE SOUND from your headphone ! You’ll be astounded at the improvement in sound quality, dynamic range, meticulous transparency, completely demonstrate its high performance and analytical ability, it can also connect with power amplifier such as a high performance pre amplifier to improve your Hi Fi system.

Pure Class A  Headphone Amplifier & Pre Amplifier
Hybrid ! Valve & MOS-FET in Use!!
Without any OP amp IC inside!!!
Audiophile Performance Design Absolutely!!!

– In Put Power: DC24V
– Imported DALE resistance , supple voice , low frequency sound field , are improved resolving power .
“Dale” resistors is very high cost than other similar product, it working most stable in long life and also sounds…
• Precise pin pointing focus.
• Equal resistance (L/R) all the way.
• Deeper depth and sweeter vocal.
• Cleaner bass and sweeter treble.
• Sound image is much improved. Pin point image!!!
– Copper RCA / copper foot power seat / seat copper pin headphone output , reducing the internal resistance of the signal transmission , the sound is better.
– High-current power switches , long life.
– Increase the heat sink, long working more stable.
– Thick board , careful layout design , higher signal to noise ratio .

G3, it has creative from last version Indeed <G2 Valve Class A Hybrid Headphone/Pre-Amplifier>, most of copy and similar product following us, so we must beat their and keep a distance with our technical skill.
We have modified to generation III now, so that we call it G3.

What is different coming?
1/ The output signal will be fade in when power on, you can hear the level of sound increasing slowly, it is most important to protect your ear and device / speaker in safe, either it fade out too when power off!
It has no any ‘pop’ pulse to out put even power on/off, thank for a precision design by Indeed Hi Fi Lab, a twin servos to bias regular control automatically, it can also extend more dynamic to the sound effect.
2/A large size volume knob easy to adjust with wide turning angle than G2 and similar product.The thick of PCB increase to 1.8mm with carefully design grounding, the RF pollution and noise ratio also improved.
3/A loudness / sub-bass function available to low level hearing, it sounds with rich bass and clear treble for joy; which effecting decrease in linear when turning up the volume knob, this function disable when it turn over 12 O’clock position even the sub-bass switch ON, so it has reasonable linear fit for human hearing sensitive.
4/Easy to change the tubes with jumper on PCB (bias adjust is necessary), 6 series for 6DJ8/6922/ECC88/6N11/6N23P; 12 series for ECC82/12AU7/12AT7/6N4……also too many choose by owner right now.
5/Ultra large current Class A output design, it can drive the low impendence headphone in 12 Ohm loading; a very deep and powerful bass you will be hear !
6/Audiophile Performance Design Absolutely! It can direct hook up to power amplifier such as Pre Amp to use; it will kill any pre amp with US$1000- price (may be higher)!!

Input Sensitivity: 50mV
Input Impedance: 100KOhm
Out-Put Impedance: 12~600 Ohm
Gain: 20dB
Frequency response: 10Hz-60KHz +/- 0.25dB
Signal/Noise Ratio: >92dB
Dynamic range: 84.6dBA(300 ohm)  89.8dBA(13 ohm)
THD: 0.016%(300 ohm)  0.45%(13 ohm)
RCA 2CH input X 1 / 3.5mm 2CH input socket X 1 / RCA 2CH ouput X 1
6.35mm 2CH Output X 1 / 3.5mm 2CH Output X 1
Dimension:100mm (D) X 100mm (W ) X 50mm (H)not measure to tube and transformer
Shipping Weight): 0.7 kg

Q: what is Class A ?
A: Class A means that the power tube conducts the same amount of current all the time, whether idling or producing full power. Therefore, it will be high temperature from power MOS FET in normally. Class A is very inefficient with electricity but usually gives very low distortion. This is to decrease the distortion such as a high-end amplifier.

Q: Can I change the 6DJ8/6922/6N11/12AU7/6N23P…… tube to improve the sound quality?
A: The each one of 6DJ8/6922/ECC88 is fully suitable for replacement with much difference musical taste chose by owner, but it is not 100% improve the sound quality absolutely; some time it can change to the favorite sound by carefully chose; a precession selects and checking is most important. Never superstition to the high price tubes!!

Q: I find a similar product with 3 bands EQ, does it better than your G3?How about your sub-bass function?
A: By our sense, any tone control will be colorless the sound and distortion, so you cannot find any high-end device with a tone control; it also build in mid/low grade Hi Fi device except Marantz 7 / Cello Audio Palette.
Our sub-bass function has the same distortion problem even it has less distortion compare to OP/EQ, but it can by pass directly, ON or Off ? Depend on you! Some time it will work great with normal grade device in sub-bass mode.

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