MiriDIY B5 Tube Buffer

B5 buffer stage before using low-voltage supply ( about +/- 25V), ensure safe use.
DALE 1% high-precision metal oxide film resistors , no sense , and low noise.
105 ° high-frequency low-impedance capacitors Japanese chemical , longevity, stability, and improve the high frequency performance.
High impedance input , avoid bad connection contacts cause signal loss.
Low impedance output , better after the driver stage , improve the high frequency performance and transient response .

Changeable with series for 6DJ8/6922/ECC88/6N11/6N23P; 12 series for ECC82/12AU7/12AT7/6N4 (with changing of jumper)

Connection : CD or other audio source -> B5 Buffer – > Amplifier
B5 tube buffer / gall preamp gain is approximately equal to 0dB.
It has very low distortion , so that your system has a very clean sound and better dynamic range
Can effectively filter out the remaining digital audio signal and give comfortable smooth sweet and mellow warm sounding

Input Impedance : 1 M Ohm ( high input impedance circuit can reduce the degradation phase signal is the best )
Output Impedance :> 5K Ohm
Input sensitivity : 0-5V
Gain : 0dB
Frequency response : 10Hz-60KHz +/- 0.25dB
Total harmonic distortion: > 0.0025%
Signal to noise ratio :> 100dB
Input : RCA × 1 group
Output : RCA × 1 group
Weight : 600g
Dimensions : 110mm × 70mm × height 48mm ( excluding tube high )

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