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TA-100 is a very complete ES9018S advanced decoder with XMOS (U8) + Headphone Amp + Bluetooth 4.0 (CSR BC8670) + Preamp Output. Having the highest level of decoding with built-in XMOS USB (U8) to support DSD hardware solution, using high end grade ops amp on amplifying circuit, the latest Bluetooth 4.0 CSR BC8670 programs to support lossless transmission APTX (I2S input receiving a digital signal decoding after ESS9018 preamp output) and a unique patented technology on tube hybrid system with full discrete between the core elements and the pre-amplifier circuit output.

TA-100 (Standard version) is using IPF MUSES8820 + IV MUSE8920 ops amp and pairing with Psvane 12AT7

TA-100 (Premium version) is using IPF MUSES8820 + IV MUSE8920 ops amp and pairing with Psvane (贵族之声T系列典藏版) 12AT7-TII gold tubes


  • DAC chip ES9018S, having 32BIT HyperstreamTM DAC patent structure, and the time domain jitter removal, as well as having a 135dB dynamic range and distortion of -120dB, the industry’s highest level of performance for today. TA-100 has fully utilize the function of this chip, to satisfy the most demanding audiophiles.
  • COAXIAL input straight into ES9018S decoding, support for external high quality digital audio.
  • USB digital interface XMOS (U8) with the industry’s highest level of 32BIT / 384KHZ ES9018S DAC decoder IC design, support DSD hardware solution, XMOS U8 decode the benefits of integration and DAC built-in USB digital interface is the shortest distance to get the best transmission sound quality.
  • The machine supports Bluetooth playback, with the highest levels of CSR8670 audio-specific Bluetooth chip, CSR8670 is the industry supports digital output of a high-quality 4.0 Bluetooth chip, the signal straight into ES9018S decoding, and support for APTX lossless transmission, powerful, excellent sound quality. Most of the market compared to using conventional decoding Bluetooth player has the absolute quality advantage.
  • Input Select: CD / AUX / BT / USB / COAXIAL five audio input selections.
  • Output options: Headphone output / can control volume preamp outputs (balanced and unbalanced RCA outputs).
  • unique patented technology core tube amplifiers difference the hybrid full discrete parts design, including tube differential amplifier, preamplifier, driven amplification, power amplification and tubes feedback recovered, combines the properties of transistors and tubes, so that sound more delicate gorgeous , while both transistors rich transient, sound thickness, density and quality thrust, which is the other tube and transistor design lines cannot reach the height of the sound level.
  • Fully discrete power amplifier configuration of high-fidelity headphone amplifier design, strong thrust, rear gain switch, 8-1000Ω impedance completely adapted.


  • Aluminum structure design, high-grade refined aluminum knob, high-grade paint, beautifully elegant, is your first choice for high-end desktops MINI DAC audio system.
  • sides of the chassis and the top of the elegant transparent acrylic using a large area cooling hole design, machine temperature rapid dissemination, keep the machine running at low temperature, low heat.
  • Volume potentiometer units produced using double precision potentiometers, imported high-quality carbon sheet, precise control, channel balance extremely well.
  • Power switch and input selector switch all units produced genuine quality parts.
  • Power supply filter capacitor capacitance by the British NOVER and some Nissan high-frequency low-impedance audio-specific capacitance debugging sound and timbre. Affect the sound quality most obvious decoupling, feedback capacitor using Nichicon MUSE series, the highest level of KZ series of audio-specific coupling capacitance, signal transmission using Elna silmic2 coupling capacitance. Nichicon KZ series of high-frequency capacitance gorgeous, IF charming, low dive good, sweet voice and delicate, and Elna silmic2 capacitor has a transparent smooth and detailed sound with excellent resolving power. Hi-fi grade materials without stingy at cost
  • This machine adopts relay all of the original Japanese Omron Relay, stable and reliable quality.
  • PCB using double-sided, black oil, Shen Jin, RoHs design, 2 oz copper thickness, 2U Shen Jin, signal transmission loss is minimal.
  • When the DAC clock oscillator used in all the expensive high-precision, low jitter silicon crystal, TCXO common, higher clock accuracy compared to excellent stability, low jitter, high bit-rate digital signal mediation accurate sound better.
    power supply and host separation design, the complete elimination of a host of power disturbances, power adapter is a high quality linear power supply, also known as bovine (non-switching power supply), to ensure a good voice, the power of high quality pure red copper core, to ensure that this Machine very low background noise and stability (according to different regions use different voltage power adapter, the default is 220-240VAC).
  • The machine adopts copper gilt RCA, gold plated external socket, precision related parts, genuine core high-precision parts.

– Input Z: RCA Input 22kohm     Output Z: 10ohm
– Line input Sensitivity: 400mV+-50mV
– Frequency Response: 9Hz-160kHz-3dB  30Hz-30khZ 0dB
– SNR (Typical): >=90dB
– Inter-Channel Crosstalk: >65dB, 1KHz
– THD+N, 1KHz: < 0.3%, 100mW into 25ohm
– SMPTE IMD: < 0.3%, 100mW into 25ohm
– Net Weight: 0.9kg
– Dimensions: :L178mm X W130mm X H62mm
– External Power: 12VAC*2,  1500mA

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One thought on “AIBBC TA-100

  1. Pros
    I can say that this amplifier is one of the High-Rest one. The sound is performing very good, clear and details. Bass is very deep and soft and the treble hight details and confortable. It helps my head phone (Beoplay H8) performs 100% of capacity. Really happy with this amplifier.

    Amplifier is a little bit hot.

    My rate for sound quality: 5.

    By Steven2412

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