Topping TP30 Mark2

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The new generation from classic TP-30, TP30 MARK2. It is originated from the classic TP30, it is not just a DAC, but also an amplifier & headphone amp. There’s also improvement on the design, more interface and also more convenience control and workmanship.

The new TP30 MARK2 support ON/OFF via USB.  TP30 MARK2 also have enhancement in Android support , it can now fully support Android Mobile Device 4.1 or above with OTG connection (only for Native Android system with OTG function).

All in one machine with Desktop Hifi, PC-Hifi solution.

Headphone Output:
impedance range 16-300O
Maximum output power 140mW (RL = 32O, THD + N = 1%)
The output voltage swing 10Vpp
Minimum distortion 0.001% (RL = 32O, Pout = 50mW)
Typical Distortion (@ 1kHz) 0.03%
Frequency response flatness of 20-20kHz ± 1.2dB
Input Sensitivity 1.0Vrms
Noise floor <10µV
Gain (@ 1kHz) 6.5dB

impedance range 4-8O
Maximum output power 16.3W (RL = 4O, THD + N = 10%)
9.7W (RL = 8ohm, THD + N = 10%)
Output Impedance 0.2O
Minimum Distortion 0.003%
Typical Distortion (@ 1kHz) 0.012%
Frequency response 20-20kHz ± 0.6dB
Input sensitivity 390mVrms
Noise floor <1mV
Gain (@ 1kHz) 28dB

Technical Specification:
Analog audio input RCA * 1 (one stereo input)
USB digital audio input interface

Amplifier output banana jacks, BTL output
Amp output interface 3.5mm headphone seat
Median decoder 16bit sampling
Decoder sampling frequency 48kHz
Single Weight Approximately 530g
Size (including protruding parts) deep about 17.7CM * 12.2CM * 3.8CM width height

Package Included:
TP30-MARK2 x1
12V3A power adapter x1
USB line x1
Instructions Manual x1

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