Takas A50 (Enhanced version)

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Probably one of the most versatile Class D high power amp which I have came across. It has full of function that at least is worth to take a glance on how this amplifier looks like and performance.

Follow the successful of the last Takas A50 model which run on Tripath chip, due to the run out of tripath chip, the current Takas A50 model now has upgrade to use with TDA7498E 120W high power amplifier chip. Not only it has inherit the functions of the last model, the current A50 model has further enhance and exceed what it last model has possess.

Feature 1:
Built-in asynchronous up sampling feature (using CS8421 chip) in a digital amplifier. It is a high-end performance amplifier at affordable price. Most of the time you can only find the similar chip use in very high end system but now it already inside the A50 (Enhanced Version). The beauty of the 32bit up sampling is to increase the quality and sophistication enhanced signal sampling rate and helps to recover the lossless playback. Regardless of any signal whether is 16bits or 24bits which goes through DAC, audio data will be up sample to32BIT (bits) -192khz. This can further reduce audio distortion and restore real sounding.

Feature 2:
Inter big amplifier separate decoding scheme, using Texas Instruments PCM5102A new generation decoder chip, decoding. Precision upgrade to 32BIT sampling frequency up to 384KHZ, to achieve high-end HIFI audio performance.

Feature 3:
The use of high impendence pre-amp buffer before the digital power stage circuit has give richer detail and even the harmonics. Most important is has help to give out a much smoother and warmer sound as compare to most of the traditional class D amplifiers which still very digital sounding.

Feature 4:
It can be use as independent audio decoder (DAC) for amplifier or active speaker. The  output RCA ports can also be use to connect to an active subwoofer to extend the bass. A real multi-function machine in its class.

Feature 5:
Built with HIFI headphones amplifier module with LM4881, with supporting impendence 16-300 ohm for headphones (recommended to use 16–32 Ohms, with 55 ohm high-impedance headphones, to avoid background noise).

Feature 6:
A50 can work as an Audio decoder, monitor amp, pure digital amplifier, an external USB sound card independent; each system is independent design modules. Very flexible for anyone who want to use it individually. The designing cost of such amplifier already exceeds the cost of other similar products. Having a built in 32bit CS8421 up sampling chip already make the A50 one of the most value for money amplifier in the market

Features 7:
A50 (Enhanced Version) USB support Mobile Android OTG and Apple (Iphone/Ipad etc) connection with the support of apple camera kit. With the help of the up sampling feature of the DAC, this has make the mobile output to achieve a genuine 32BIT (bit) high-fidelity music quality.

Features 8:
Built-in advanced digital-analog detection circuitry, fiber optic, USB, coaxial, AUX, digital to analog signal input automatically. Easy to select the input by doing a simple switch in front of the panel

Features 9:
A50 (Enhanced) adoption of the European TMicroelectronics specifically for professional Sound development of next-generation digital power chip TDA7498E standard output 120W + 120W and efficiency up 85%, which low heat disputations, low-carbon environment, high fidelity sound. The output power is Powerful enough to drive all kinds of speakers and make  low frequency to increase flexibility , the mid more full with good detail

Features 10:
High-end audio output performance especially with the DAC function supporting optical or coaxial connection, it further improve the sound quality digit out from DVD player or high-definition BluRay players, network players etc

Features 11:
A50 (Enhanced Edition) USB interface making use of the I2S bus interior 24bit – 96khz data pass through to the CS8421 enthusiast decoding precision 32bit-192khz to achieve output dynamic sound up to 175db to achieve a high end sounding. This actually solve the poor sound quality given out from the onboard sound card from direct from computer, laptop. For DSS Playback,  recommend to use AudioGate as Player.

Features 12:
High quality of the components used in A50 such as: TDK resistance, Siemens Blue Shell audio capacitors, Germany ERO capacitance, Japan nichicon gold fever Capacitance, ELNA custom purple red robe capacitors, Matsushita fever CBB capacitors, inductors dedicated digital audio Korea …… etc.

Features 13:
A50 (Enhanced) allow rolling of Opamp to give different taste of sound. This can be easily replace the Opamp IC onto the gold-plated IC op-amp socket. Currently the ops amp installed is LM4562NA

Model: A50 (Enhanced)
Input port: fiber optic, USB, coaxial, AUX
Audio output: 2-channel (stereo)
Matched Impedance: 4 ohms, 6 ohms, 8 ohms
Output Power: Maximum 4 Ohm 160W, standard 4 Ohm 120W, 6 ohms 80W, 8 Ohm 60W
Suitable Type: 2.0 active speaker, passive, fixed resistance speaker
Power ICs: TDA7498E
Decoder chip: PCM5102A
Bits wide: 32BIT
SNR: 120DB
Dynamic range: 112DB
Distortion ≤0.0025%
Output Level: 2v-RMS
Headphone Impedance: 16-300 ohm
Amp power: 200MW
Sampling frequency: 32BIT-192KHZ
Power Type: 24V — 5A
Power consumption: maximum 120W
Product Positioning: Digital amplifier, DAC audio decoder, amp, USB external sound card
Housing: Aluminum
Dimensions: length 188 * W 142 * H 47mm (excluding protruding area)


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