Multi-Function Amplifiers

Value for money Multi-function Amplifiers give you great Flexibility and Performance


Takas A50 (Enhanced Version)


Probably one of the most versatile Class D high power amp which I have came across. It has full of function that at least is worth to take a glance on how this amplifier looks like and performance.

Follow the successful of the last Takas A50 model which run on Tripath chip, due to the run out of tripath chip, the current Takas A50 model now has upgrade to use with TDA7498E 120W high power amplifier chip. Not only it has inherit the functions of the last model, the current A50 model has further enhance and exceed what it last model has possess.

In a glance A50 has the following functions and features:
– High Power (120W) TDA7498E  Class D amplifier
– 32bits up sampling features. All thanks to the high end CS8421 chip which normally can be found in high end audio products.
– Beside it has AUX in connection, It has built in DAC (Texas Instruments PCM5102A) with optical/coaxial/usb input. It however can be use as a   standalone DAC. The output DAC can support active subwoofer as well.
– USB support Android OTG and Iphone/Ipad as well
– It has built HIFI headphones amplifier module with LM4881
– A50 (Enhanced) allow rolling of Opamp to give different taste of sound. This can be easily replacing the Opamp IC onto the gold-plated IC op-amp socket. Currently the ops amp installed is LM4562NA

Selling at $200

Popularity – 🙂


Racoon SG-100

Strong thrust, easily drive all headphones. Provide a high level audio resolving power and give a very sweet and warm sounding that will let you enjoy this little amp alot.

  •  NXP TFA9815T high-efficiency Class D digital power chip supporting up to 25W*2 output power.
  • TE7022L USB support 24bit/96kHz, using an CS4398 DAC chip to decode.
  • TPA6120A2 Headphone-AMP support impedance range from 8-1000 ohm
  • Built in Power supply

Selling at $165
Currently available in Black / Silver

Popularity – 🙂


Topping TP32EX

A multi-function amplifier with excellent sound, meeting the need of users who need a integrated amplifier.

  • Using Tripath TK2050, supporting 50W*2 output power.
  • Built-in 24bit 192k coaxial DAC
  • 24bit 96k / 16bit 192k USB DAC
  • Built-in Headphone-AMP
  • USB support auto On/Off.
  • Come with a remote control

Selling at $230

Currently available in Black / Silver

Popularity – 🙂 🙂


Topping TP30 Mark2

Topping TP30 Mark2

  • Using Tripath TA2024
  • 15W*2 output power
  • 16bit,48kHz Auto ON/OFF USB DAC included
  • USB input / RCA Input
  • support Android Mobile Device 4.1 or above with OTG connection
  • Built-in 140mW*2 Headphone-AMP.

Selling at $145

Popularity – 🙂


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