LP / CD Carbon Fiber Mat

Premium Carbon Fiber CD Mat

A small investment by using Carbon Fibre CD Mat to improve the sounding immediately. It is much faster, easy and most cost effective then changing cabling, upgrade capacitor etc

– Japan High quality carbon fiber
– 11.8mm diameter, 0.2mm thickness

Usage: Insert the CD mat on top of the already insert CD. It help to absorb motor vibrations , thereby reduces the amount of error correction when the laser head is reading the CD information and improve reading accuracy  .
Effect: Smoother the high frequency burr sound, Mid more body and better separation, Low frequency more extension and dive deeper

Selling @ $25


Premium Carbon Fiber LP/Records/Vinyl Anti Static Mat

Product standard parameters:
Product size: diameter 298mm
Thickness: 1mm
Material: 4k Japan High quality carbon fiber  design

Place the mat on the Vinyl/Turntable before place the record.  Vinyl tone pad can effectively suppress the external resonance and vinyl record rotation of a slight swing, so that it runs more stable and smooth, the pickup to have a better pickup environment, greatly enhance the read vinyl information Volume, so that more details of the music to reproduce the transparency of the sound increased significantly, the knot becomes more clear, the background becomes more quiet, relative to the sound field is more cohesion, a variety of musical instruments have a deeper depth , Exquisite and natural, let you experience the real musical instrument performance and presence of a broad sound field performance.

Selling @ $85

One thought on “LP / CD Carbon Fiber Mat

  1. Tried the LP Mat today after collection.

    The background became darker and very quiet after I put the LP Mat onto the platter on my RP6.

    The vocal was much more focused now.

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