Linear Power

LPS210 (upgrade from LSP200)

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I always wanted to look for Linear Power Supply (LPS) to complement my mini amplifier, DAC etc. This supplier make decent LPS with good performance and value. His LPS currently is use to complement the digital amplifier he is selling. And his products are also recognize in HongKong and has shop distributing his products.

Custom Grade ‘A’ low noise high power Toroidal Transformer copper ring cattle , the hole filling resin;
– Independent winding reference power supply ;
High Quality Capacitors (depend on manufacturer has which Caps in hand, the brand could be BC Philips, Rubycon, Nippon Chemi-Con, Nichicon, ELNA) and Wilmar Capacitors
– Adjustable power FET output voltage design, low internal resistance ;
Minor adjustments in the output voltage ( high current within + -3 volts is good, a small current can be adjusted using a larger pressure). Upon Tested by the supplier, adjusted output voltage can achieve 9V3A,  14V2.5A,  15V1.5A
– With a blue LED display real-time voltage voltmeter ;
-Single voltage output (single output is always better then share dual output in term of reliability and performance)
– USB output: This USB connection will only be connected if using do 5V output version only.
Match with handmade Teflon silver wire DC :  default length is 1.2m , Gold Taiwan DC head ( 5.5 / 2.1 (default),  5.5 / 2.5 (depend on stock availability)
– 230v input voltage version
– Weight : 2kg – 3.5kg
– Size : 65 * 122 * 165mm

Current available (Black / Silver)

(Subjected to different brand available in stock. Power cord may not be included)

5V2A DC – can use for Topping D50 and others
12V1.2A DC– can use with Bollo 4 Bluetooth DAC and others
15V1A DC – can use with Topping D30 DAC and others
Selling @ $100

5V5A DC – can use on SMSL M8A and others
12V5A DC– can use with NAS / Musical Fidelity V90-DAC others
Selling @ $160

16V1A DC for Auralic Streamer and others
Selling @ $165 

16V1.8A AC for Schitt Mani and others
Selling @ $160 

24V4A DC
Selling @ $185

32V6A DC – can use on GEK98 160W Amplifier
Selling @ $165 


Various DC adapter available @ $2 each

2.5- 5.5/ 2.1 ,   2.1-5.5/2.5 ,   2.1 – 5.5/1.7 ,    2.1 – 4.0/1.7


Customize Linear Power LPS

Other voltage output, can be customize upon request. LPS brand can varies from different suppliers depending whether they are able to customize the requested voltage and current.

Selling at: To be Quoted


MP-U2 Linear Battery Pack For MP-P1

Designed for MC to MM step-up section of MP-P1 phono preamp to provide a more clean sounding.
Voltage: 18-21V. Capacity: 2600mAH
Comes with 24V 3A charger.

Selling at  $150


Musical Paradise MP-U1 – USB Isolation

PCHIFI is quite popular today. Audiophiles always want to achieve the best USB transceiving signal quality in order to improve DAC sound quality. They change different kinds of high quality USB cables, but usually don’t pay attention to the dirty computer USB 5V power. Computer power supply use high efficient, but noisy switching power supply. It has lots of interference affecting USB DACs sound performance. You may think the mobile power packs for cell phones can help, but they are still not clean because they use switching DC to DC chip to up-convert 3.7V to 5V.
In order solve this issue, we developed MP-U1. It employs the best Panasonic 3400mAH Li-on batteries and high current low drop out (LDO) linear regulators. It puts out 100% pure 5V DC power, isolates the dirty USB 5V from computers, eliminates noise, so USB DACs can sound noticeably better.
It can be used to power other 5V devices, but make sure the device consumes less than 2.1A current.

Sizes: W115mm x H60mm x L130mm

Selling at: $150

Popularity – 🙂


TA-100 Linear PSU

This is an upgrade Linear PSU for TA-100 Tube DAC Headphone/Pre-amp. Internal using specially customize professional R-core Transformer
The core used is Japan’s Nippon Steel high quality special silicon steel sheet specially use in audio, with imported materials core which is oxygen-free enameled wire.

What is the improvement from the default linear adapter?
Improve transparency and darker background. You can hear detail more clearly and the treble improve as well!

Product parameters:
– Input voltage: 100-120VAC / 220-240VAC 50-60Hz (depending on the voltage used in different areas);
– Output voltage: 13.5-0-13.5VAC;
– Power: 80W;
– Size: length 187mm * width 150mm * high 58mm;
– Net weight: 2KG (logistics weight 3KG).

Note: the PSU does not come with power cord. Cable connection to TA-100 is provided.

Selling at: $100

Popularity –

One thought on “Linear Power

  1. Bought a LPS200 to power my Aries Mini and the improvement was immediately noticeable. Not night and day but definitely there was an improvement. The first thing is the bass notes were tighter and better defined. The mids also sounded fuller. Some of the folks who switched to linear power claimed that they did notice an imptovement in soundstage, imaging and detail retrieval. However to me, other than the mid frequencies improvement, which lifted the music and made it sound fuller, the rest sounded the same. This is just my personal opinion but definitely an improvement.

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