E-310 series – Silver Plated Audio Cables

E-310 interconnect wire using a silver-plated 5N OFC cable, it mix the treble, middle and bass frequency band pretty good. The cable is soft and easy to bend for 2-channel interconnect wire or MIC transmission.Wire diameter 8.0mm 20AWG 100 meters / spool Approval/Certification: UL, ISO 9001

See the below Review:

E-310F Cable

One thought on “E-310 series – Silver Plated Audio Cables

  1. Bought 2 pairs of the 310 XLR for fun and they surprised me instead. Firstly, for its price, you can’t go wrong…seriously. And secondly, don’t think that just because it is affordable the cable is of lower quality. This cable sounded better than cables thrice its price and the build quality is very respectable. For those who are new to this hobby, give this cable a try…I am not a spokesperson for this product, I am just a happy customer.

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