Copper Colour – Whisper (思铂) SE Speaker Cable


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Since the old Whisper Speaker cable has produced, it has received very high review and praise from 《高保真音响》 magazine, as well as many senior audiophile players . With the old Whisper speaker cable been has launch  for sometime, its time think of further improve this version. This is also where Whisper SE version was introduce.

Its sound is more full, transparent, bright. High frequency air being full, relatively low volume . The SE version has been greatly improved. In very high frequency extension and low dive respects, there has been considerable progress. It give more open sound field, while maintaining the low-frequency strongly textured with more information! Details of the reproduction capability is not only to improve a little. In order to achieve a perfect conduction environment and sound performance, the SE version we made a single structure, and had a mask processing and vibration-proof anti-static treatment, so the sound is more pristine. Since spring iceberg on the insulation by the United States DuPont TEFLON material will not corrode conductor for life, sound consistent. it is also why it can be consider a classic speaker cable!

– Conductor: 5.5 square unequal branch Silver + alloy conductors.
– Insulation: DuPont TEFLON
– Accessories: High copper rhodium plated banana plugs
– Shielding: double single MONO shielding, anti-vibration and anti-static treatment
– Structure: spiral geometry of the internal structure
– Origin : baseline from the United States , DuPont patent TEFLON insulation

Whisper (思铂) SE Speaker Cable Review

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