Copper Colour – Penny (芬尼) V Speaker Cables

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PENNY (芬尼) is a very cost-effective series, this speaker wire through 5th generations of continuous improvement, the overall strength is very powerful. High frequency detail and elegant, beautiful and sweet, if full moving natural transition in high frequencies. Although aspects of the 5th generation of the conductor only 4.88 level, but because of optimization to improve the purity and structure of the low-frequency performance is far better than the previous generation. The amount of sense, dive and low frequency control also a level of increase. 5th generation PENNY using a single branch structure, shielding protection directly to the connector, the black of the sound better, better texture.
English speaker wire named PENNY, meaning a penny, that name’s meaning is to use the least money to buy the best products. Penny adopted to 5N Australia imported copper purification of oxygen-free copper conductors, the new conductor cross-section 4.88 square, ultra-soft imported PE insulation. All this has laid a very good foundation for a good sound, after all, is the basis of good material good sound. In the twisted structure with a Litz wire, with a clean background of the sound has been further improved. 

– Insulation: import PVC super software
– Accessories: CC light carving the banana plug
– Structure: spiral geometry structure
– Origin: Material origin from Australia and Cabling made in China
– Conductor: 5N purity 4.88 square OFC conductor

Penny Speaker Cable Review

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