Copper Colour – Water (维特) Power Cable

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Listening with Water Power Cable is like the name “Water” – Calm and Crystal clear

Water is improved on the basis of the power cord on Penny come with more advanced and more stout conductor plug . Sound wise has some increase in high-frequency extension , low dive and fullness in reach.

Plug AX series of good quality , superior sound density , and Witt is specially designed ground , you will get better at the back of the blackness , voice quiet and have a density

Independent anti-static packaging and carton packaging, imports advanced nylon outer netting , imported Elastoplast material so that the line itself is very soft, feel -class .

– Australia 3.8 square 99.998 purity copper conductor
– COPPER COLOUR AX-126 series alloys HIFI freezing level US standard plug tail
– Anti-vibration imported nylon mesh Seiko preparation
– Imports of PE and PVC blended insulation
– Ultra-soft elastodynamics PVC material imported body line , the line is soft and strong.
– Metal tin film was masking , dual ground design background quieter .
– 3C certification production standards GB , American Standard UL certification

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