Copper Colour – Penny (芬尼) IV Power Cable

– 99.998% 4N OFC copper
– PE/PVC insulation, tin film shielding
– Imported nylon finish
– US type

– 3.49mm 99.998 purity copper conductor in Australia
– COPPER COLOUR  EX-126 Series HIFI-class American standard freeze plug tail Purple copper (there are  gold or silver not available), Standard Edition EX-126 frozen silver  plug, For custom gold plugs, need to wait for a specific time  because of the time due to short season, generally require 2 days.
– Imported nylon mesh Seiko preparation vibration
– PE imports and imports of ultra-soft elastomer body lines, the generation of hard-line body, II, III are soft line body, IV III on behalf of more than even a lot of soft and elastic.
– A metal tin film of the shielding
– 3C certification production standards GB, American Standard UL certification
–  Penny power cord, after three generations of improvements, four generations of the performance is excellent. Adhere to the previous four generations of the price of plain, you can either look craft, accessories selection, sound performance but all people are very surprised. There is such a cost-effective, no wonder so many domestic and foreign players put it down.

Optional accessories
– COPPER COLOUR Finney power cord, using the EX-126 Series frozen plug tail, the same level at home and abroad plug end brands, EX-126 series with its superior technology, environmental protection and durable material selection, beautiful resistance listen to the voice performance, reasonable price the price of domestic and foreign players alike.
– EX-126 silver U.S. standard plug tail (HIFI sound level), the standard version are made of this plug.

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