Power Cables

These High End AC Power cables  offer great performance and styling for an affordable price. Experience full, punchy bass; warm, refine , organic mids; and sweet, shimmering highs from your music


California Power Cable

Power cable with strong dynamic and extended middle range. Much more coherence between frequency ranges.
It can be used in logic circuits, cd players, DACs, integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers and power amplifiers. It has an excellent electric shielding.

Currently only have US Plug

Selling at per pcs 1m( $150),     1.5m ($165),   2m ($180)


Copper Colour – Penny (芬尼) IV Power Cable

Penny IV Power Cable

Penny IV Power Cable

– 99.998% 4N OFC copper from Austrialia
– PE/PVC insulation, tin film shielding
– Imported nylon finish
– US type
– COPPER COLOUR  HIFI-class American standard freeze plug tail Purple copper .

Selling at a pcs  1m ($65),   1.5m ($80),   2m ($95)


Copper Colour – Water (维特) Power Cable


– Australia 3.8 square 99.998 purity copper conductor
– COPPER COLOUR AX-126 series alloys HIFI freezing level US standard plug tail
– Anti-vibration imported nylon mesh Seiko preparation
– Imports of PE and PVC blended insulation
– Ultra-soft elastodynamics PVC material imported body line , the line is soft and strong.
– Metal tin film was masking , dual ground design background quieter .
– 3C certification production standards GB , American Standard UL certification

Water is improved on the basis of the power cord on Penny come with more advanced and more stout conductor plug . Sound wise has some increase in high-frequency extension , low dive and fullness in reach.

Plug AX series of good quality , superior sound density , and Witt is specially designed ground , you will get better at the back of the blackness , voice quiet and have a density

Selling at a pcs  1m ($75),   1.5m ($90),   2m ($105)


Copper Colour – MOON (夜神))III Power Cable


Conductor: 5N Copper from Australia
4.2 square of OCC
Adapter: Alloy Hi-End US Power adapter
Inner Structure: Spiral-geometry, low noise conductor
Shield: Tin mesh shielding, with vibration isolation and static-free
Manufacturing standard: 3C certification, US UL

Selling at a pcs  1m ($85),   1.5m ($100),   2m ($115)

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